QS-21, the ‘Gold Standard’ of immune system activators used in Covid-19 and other vaccines to be presented by CEO Gaston Salinas at BIO CEO & Investor Conference

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A novel approach for ensuring the virtually unlimited production of QS-21, the ‘Gold Standard’ adjuvant for improving vaccine efficacy, will be the subject of an upcoming presentation at the BIO CEO & Investor Digital Conference, starting February 16.  

BSI is well- positioned to become the industry’s most reliable and cost-effective supplier of GMP quality QS-21 worldwide.

Gaston Salinas

Gaston Salinas, CEO of Botanical Solution Inc. (BSI) will address the Conference, introducing an innovative approach for the production of QS-21 based on BSI’s proprietary Advanced Botanical Materials. Mr. Salinas will also address additional issues of quality, cost and the sizeable environmental footprint required for traditional sourcing of raw materials, which BSI has solved using plant tissue culture. 

Gaston Salinas, CEO – Botanical Solution Inc.

QS-21 is traditionally extracted from a tree native to Chile known as the Quillaja saponaria. However, there are regulatory restrictions on deforestation of this tree, and projected demand for QS-21 is in the billions of doses annually.  

Mr. Salinas will explain how BSI plans to become the world’s largest supplier of QS-21, among other high value saponins, under GMP conditions, at a low cost, and without any negative environmental impact. 

BSI’s R&D platform, manufacturing capabilities and products based on Advanced Botanical Materials have been tested and proven in another multibillion dollar  market dominated by fierce competition, large scale operations, challenging price points and limited margins… the agricultural industry. BSI has partnered with Syngenta, a global leader in agrochemicals with $13.5 billion in annualized revenues,  to successfully launch its first botanical-based biopesticide, BotriStop®,  in the country of Chile for a wide variety of high-value crops. BotriStop plans a roll-out into Peru later this year and its launch is also anticipated for Mexico and the U.S. during late 2022. BSI and Mr. Salinas will also be featured within the ‘Top Innovators’ section at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, March 9 – 10, 2021.

Quillaja saponaria

About BSI

BSI is a venture-backed corporation based in Davis, California. The Company has developed a proprietary R&D platform for sustainable and improved production of Advanced Botanical Materials (ABM) that addresses critical and well- known issues related to current production of key traditional botanical raw materials, often obtained under exploitation of natural resources. These issues include the limited supply of materials, geo-political dependence and a sizeable environmental footprint. Additionally, active ingredients derived from traditional botanical raw materials inherit problems of variable consistency, limited production and increasing cost. Botanical Solution’s R&D Platform relies on scalable plant tissue culture techniques that allow scalable and sustainable supply of key botanical materials, geo-political freedom and no environmental footprint.

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