Romaco joins industry partners at CPhI Worldwide

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At the upcoming CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, Romaco will share booths with its industry partners Huhtamaki, Biogrund, Hennig Arzneimittel and Skyepharma. On show will be innovative push-through strips from Siebler, hot melt coatings by Innojet and Kilian tableting technologies.

Push-through strips from Romaco Siebler

Together with Huhtamaki, the film and foil specialist, Romaco Siebler will premiere a push-through strip packaging for pharmaceuticals. The tablets can be removed simply by pressing them out of the pockets in the four-sided sealed foil pack. This innovative push-through strip thus combines the excellent barrier properties of strip packaging with the opening mechanism of blister formats. In direct comparison with cold formed aluminium blisters, the push-through strip scores with its lower consumption of packaging material. The thinner foil of the heat-sealed strips enables cost savings here. The new push-through strips are manufactured either from a multilayer laminated PET-PE-Al-PE/Surlyn foil or from a transparent barrier foil. The material does not tear and can therefore be regarded as child resistant. Thanks to the targeted perforation of the upper polyester layer, the pack can be opened simply by pressing the tablet out of the laminated foil with the thumb. The push-through strips are also senior friendly and as such a good alternative to tear-open strip packaging or aluminium-aluminium blisters. Huhtamaki has a patent pending for the manufacturing process used for this special foil.

Push-through strips manufactured using Siebler heat-sealing technology

Romaco’s new push-through strips can be supplied either in the standard rectangular format or as so-called design strips. A Siebler HM 1-350 heat-sealing machine equipped with a special die-cutter is used to manufacture special formats. The continuous cutting station supports both round strip formats and heart, petal or even star-shaped ones. The Siebler HM 1-350 achieves a maximum output of 800 design strips per minute. The production of push-through strips in a heat-sealing process expands Romaco’s portfolio in the area of air, light and moisture-tight unit dose packaging.

On show at the Huhtamaki booth (Stand 2A43) at CPhI Worldwide at IFEMA/Madrid (Spain) from 9 to 11 October.

Granulation and coating technologies by Romaco Innojet

Romaco Innojet will be represented at the Biogrund booth with the VENTILUS® V 5 processing machine. Biogrund is a supplier of innovative premixes and carriers. The two manufacturers work together very closely, especially when it comes to developing hot melt coating formulations for pharmaceutical products. The VENTILUS® technology is suited for both melt and polymer coatings. The laboratory-scale version of the Romaco Innojet VENTILUS® V 5 is used for particle sizes from 10 µm to 2 mm. Only one product container is required for the granulation, drying and coating steps. Due to its special design and enhanced processing efficiency, the VENTILUS® V 5 allows up to 85% shorter batch times with hot melt coating applications and up to 25% with polymer coatings.

The homogeneous flow conditions inside the cylindrical product container enable extremely gentle intermixing of the batch and hence play a crucial role here. The air flow bed technology ensures accurate control of the product movement and equally precise application of the spray liquids. The process air is controlled by the ORBITER booster, an ingenious container bottom consisting of overlapping circular plates. Together with the ROTOJET, the central bottom spray nozzle, the booster forms an innovative functional unit that meets all the requirements for linear scale-ups.

Romaco Innojet VENTILUS V 5 processing machine

On show at the Biogrund booth (Stand 8C120) at CPhI Worldwide at IFEMA/Madrid (Spain) from 9 to 11 October.

Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE Evolution laboratory press

At the Hennig Arzneimittel booth, Romaco Kilian will demonstrate compression tests with the STYL’ONE Evolution single-stroke press, which was specially designed for research and development activities. The laboratory press will be equipped for this purpose with ANALIS, the intelligent PAT software; amongst other things, ANALIS supports the development of new formulations, analyses of process data and also scale-up tests. The compression force that is necessary to produce tablets with the required thickness or breaking strength can be easily determined using this technology. The STYL’ONE additionally simulates the compression force profiles of all standard high speed presses and carries out fully automatic compression and performance studies. It achieves compression forces of up to 80 kN with a maximum output of 1750 tablets per hour. Depending on the test set-up, it is capable of compressing mono-layer, multilayer or core tablets. The ROCO Pack software can moreover simulate the roller compaction process, resulting in realistic powder compression and remarkably precise test batches. The user friendly R&D press is an invaluable tool for optimising processes or diagnosing errors. The time saving when analysing and evaluating the results is likewise a big advantage.

STYL’ONE Evolution single-stroke tablet press

On show at the Hennig Arzneimittel booth (Stand 3D113) at CPhI Worldwide at IFEMA/Madrid (Spain) from 9 to 11 October.

The Romaco Kilian STYL’ONE can also be seen at the SkyePharma booth (Stand 1K12).

Romaco Group

Romaco is a leading international supplier of processing and packaging equipment specialising in engineering technologies for pharmaceutical solids. The group provides individual machines and turnkey solutions for manufacturing and packing powders, granulates, pellets, tablets, capsules, syringes and medical devices. Romaco also serves the food and chemical industries.

The Romaco Group has its headquarters in Karlsruhe (Germany) and is part of the Truking Group, a globally operating high-tech enterprise based in Changsha (China). Truking’s core competency is handling and filling pharmaceutical liquids.

Romaco operates from four European business sites, with a broad portfolio comprised of six established product brands. Noack and Siebler (Karlsruhe, Germany) supply blister, heat-sealing and rigid tube filling machines. Macofar (Bologna, Italy) markets technologies for filling sterile and non-sterile powders and liquids. Promatic (also Bologna, Italy) specializes in cartoners, track & trace systems and case packers. Kilian (Cologne, Germany) offers compression solutions for tableting while Innojet (Steinen, Germany) is an innovation leader for granulation and coating.

More than 600 highly skilled and committed Romaco employees are dedicated to the development of future product technologies and to the continuous implementation of internal improvement processes. Romaco’s multi-brand system solutions are sold worldwide through six Sales & Service Centres and a dense network of local agent organisations. Over 12,000 installations delivered by Romaco are currently in use in more than 180 different countries.

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