SIRIO Pharma Announces Global Collaboration

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Proactive innovation specialists located in Asia, Europe and the United States to combine Research and Development efforts

Asia, Europe & The United States, 10 April, 2019: Sirio Pharma (SIRIO) – the nutraceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) – announces global collaboration to help customers bring innovative, safe and effective products quickly to market.

With access to the most recent market data, Sirio’s 100+ scientists and industry experts, based in Asia, Europe and the United States, will combine research and development efforts to focus on proactive innovation. By combining its expertise, Sirio is now even better positioned to work with customers worldwide.

“The industry demands products that are more natural and additive free, with consumer friendly labeling and increased transparency. The challenge for brand owners is how to develop these products quickly without compromising on quality. Our global collaboration will be instrumental in helping our customers develop innovative products that conform with these trends. It’s a big challenge for companies to improve existing formulations – it requires a large and experienced in-house R&D team. With over 500 stock formulas, our R&D specialists will explore novel combinations of ingredients, ensuring products are effective, shelf stable and great tasting” commented Rui Yang, CSO of Sirio Pharma.

The global collaboration will enable Sirio to keep abreast of regional trends, new ingredients, dosage forms and claims to provide customers unique product ideas for line extensions. Another key objective is to provide customers with more clean label options for their products such as natural flavors, colors and sweeteners and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Ultimately, Sirio seeks to empower customers from all markets to advance product R&D more rapidly and confidently launch new products faster. Great examples of this new collaborative effort at work include new  products such as Curcumin Gummies and Probiotic and Collagen Supplements.

“This collaboration is the natural evolution of our commitment to continuous improvement and forward thinking. The key in this industry is speed to market – being able to rapidly bring new products from concept to commercialization. We take an extremely proactive approach to our new product development pipeline, planning up to three years in advance as to where consumer preferences are heading” added Rui Yang, CSO of Sirio Pharma..

Sirio has a long history of developing new approaches and proactively innovating. The company successfully launched a premium nutra consumer brand in China, Treerly Health, which was acquired by Pfizer in 2016.

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