SmiLe Inject invests 2 MSEK in eHealth company developing a voice robot for the elderly

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SmiLe Incubator’s angel investment company, SmiLe Inject Capital, invests 2 MSEK in Call Knut, an incubator company that is developing a voice robot- based service using AI and ordinary phone calls as a complement in communicating with and caring for elderly people living on their own. The investment will be used to complete the development of the product and enable a commercial launch during the year.

A growing ageing population is a major global challenge that requires more efficient healthcare and care of the elderly, and where technology will play an increasingly important role. Call Knut’s service is based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) in combination with ordinary phone calls, where a so-called voice robot calls the elderly for a conversation. These conversations are analysed with the help of AI and can detect deviations in voice and behaviour that could be caused by for example anxiety, pain, fatigue and depression. By early detection of these warning signals, measures can be taken quickly. This increases safety for both the elderly and their relatives, and relieves homecare and healthcare staff, which in the long run can result in reduced care costs and improved care.

”E-health is an area we need to invest heavily in, in order to tackle growing healthcare challenges. Call Knut has developed a very exciting product that in a smart way uses the phone as a tool to introduce advanced technology in an area where it has traditionally been difficult,” says Ebba Fåhraeus, CEO of SmiLe Incubator.

The platform, which has the ability to handle over 50 different languages, has already been tested in Stockholm with good results.

“I applied to SmiLe for its unique expertise in life science to complement me as an entrepreneur. The investment from SmiLe Inject confirms that I’m onto something big, and that feels great,” says Viktor Björk, founder and CEO of Call Knut.

About SmiLe INJECT Capital AB

SmiLe INJECT Capital is the first angel investment company in Sweden that focuses solely on promising early-stage life science companies. Through INJECT, private investors are being offered the opportunity for the first time to benefit from SmiLe’s comprehensive life science expertise, international networks and unique insights into early-stage life science companies. The financing is provided by experienced business angels along with the state-owned venture capital company Saminvest.

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