Sticares InterACT prolongs French Research Tax Credit Approval

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(Rhoon, The Netherlands): Sticares InterACT has once again been awarded the French Research Tax Credit approval which it has been holding since 2009. This approval has now been extended for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015, and will help our existing and future clients in France to benefit from this R&D tax credit.

As a result of Sticares InterACT being listed as an “approved organization”, the French ministry will allow for significant refunds by any French R&D company on their spending on Sticares InterACT’s services. The research tax credit is either deducted from annual corporate tax, or reimbursed and is calculated on the basis of the amount (“volume”) of R&D expenditure by the company in France.

About Sticares InterACT –

Sticares InterACT in an internationally operating contract research provider, specialized in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Its origins date back to 1981 when the Sticares Foundation was established by Prof. W.J. Remme; since then Sticares InterACT has evolved into an internationally operating organization offering the full range of clinical development services to sponsors and partners in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. With headquarters near Rotterdam, The Netherlands and an internationally operating staff across 20+ European countries, Sticares InterACT combines strong academic roots with operational excellence, an extensive site network and privileged access to cardiovascular patients.


In addition, Sticares InterACT offers outstanding consultancy services through its Scientific Advisory Board, the Sticares Cardiovascular Research Institute as well as its in-house medical team.

The company looks back on a successful track record of 200+ trials, both large-scale multi-country, multi-center trials as well as smaller, regional projects with focus on specific therapies or patient populations in indications such as angina, acute coronary syndrome, secondary prevention of CAD, heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, nephropathy, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.

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