Inspiring Pharm.D. in Bangladesh: Excellence and Benefits of the Pharm.D. Degree!

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Degree of Doctor of Pharmacy is commonly stated in short, as the ‘PharmD’. Qualified PharmD graduates are the Professional Doctors of Pharmacy, similar to the qualified Professional Medical Doctors (MBBS). Nowadays, PharmD study program is offered from majority of the Pharmacy Schools of almost all countries of the world. Our neighboring countries like, India, Nepal etc started the program in and around the 2008-9 academic years. How long will Bangladesh stay behind in starting the program?

Some of the Pharmacy Schools are highly interested and have initial preparations to start the program. PharmD is a professional degree of the Doctor of Pharmacy. So, the interested departments/or schools of Pharmacy will require permission and accreditation from the Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh (PCB). For the interests of the prospective students and the people of Bangladesh, PCB and UGC are to agree in principle on the urgency and necessity to appreciate the start of the PharmD study program at some of our prospective public and private universities.


PharmD study program contains courses, curriculum and training to give in-built capacities to the qualified Pharmacists all of the basic and applied knowledge on the pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical sciences, clinical sciences, and pharmacy practice. The qualified students are equipped and trained with necessary skills on the pharmaceutical care for the prevention and management of the disease condition of the patients. PharmD will also open gateway for combined degree programs like- PharmD/MBA, PharmD/MPH, PharmD/PhD etc.; which will allow a student in qualifying for two degrees in a short time.

PharmD study program will develop the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes to the students to make them competent in performing the functions that will provide the following benefits to reflect excellence to the services and skills of the PharmD graduates.

Pharmaceutical Care to Patients:

PharmD Graduates will be able to provide evidence-based superior quality individual patient-oriented care that are sensible, appropriate, safe and effective, in collaboration with the patients, physicians, and nurses of the health care team.

Practice Derived Knowledge and Advancements:

The PharmD Graduates will be able to monitor and assess the matters related to the care and practice of Pharmacy, and to promote continuous improvements in the management of diseases with drugs and other pharmacy services for the patients and the people.

Medical and Scientific Developments:

PharmD Graduates will be able to contribute in the development of medical and scientific knowledge and skills to the evolving biomedical, clinical, and patient-behavioral sciences, as well as to its applications with competency and superior knowledge of pharmacy practice (e.g., pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacoeconomics and pharmaceutical care).

Professional Behaviors and Attitudes:

The PharmD Graduates always keep their professional, ethical and legal behaviors, as to comply the laws and regulations of the pharmacy practice.

Professional Communication and Skills:

The PharmD Graduates are efficient enough in keeping effective communications with patients, families, the public as well as the other health care providers. They can nicely handle the individual patient oriented socioeconomic and cultural factors and its situation based implications.

Healthcare System Based Delivery of Pharmaceutical Care:

The PharmD Graduates show more responsiveness to the context and system of the national healthcare system through effective utilization of the pharmaceutical resources and the systems of care to ensure cost-effective, optimal care to the patients and the people. Thus, good healthcare is secured in lower costs.

PharmD Graduates (Doctor of Pharmacy) will promote & bring excellence and real benefits in the practices of Pharmacy that are highly sought in the healthcare system of a country like Bangladesh.

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Prof. Sk. Feroz Uddin Ahmed, Department of Pharmacy, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka.

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