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Benefits of Offering Chairside Whitening

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According to statistics, there’s a decline in dental clinic visits in the 21st century as compared in the 20th century, with more children having regular dental appointments than adults. About 62 percent of dental expenditures come from middle-aged adults, with the aging population as the financial core of the dental industry for the next 25 years. Because middle-aged adults tend to have teeth discoloration issues due to poor diet and lifestyle, dental health practitioners should offer teeth whitening services. Below…

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Pharma/Biotech Project Portfolio Management Masterclass

The 3-day, practical Biotech/Pharma Project Portfolio Management Masterclass is specially developed for Heads, Managers and Senior Executives of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies in charge of strategic planning & development, strategic marketing and business development, new product development, project and/or portfolio management and R&D who are looking to get a more coherent, efficient and comprehensive view of the project portfolio management process and strategy, in order to gain market success. This Masterclass is YOUR roadmap to maximizing portfolio value in accordance with management’s strategic and financial…

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