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4 Types of Workplace Health Hazards That Often Go Unaddressed

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Workplace Health Hazards That Often Go Unaddressed

Almost all workplaces can present some sort of hazard to your health, whether you notice them or not. These risks vary depending on your job class and environment. Here, we’ll cover 4 types of workplace hazards to keep an eye out for. They often go unaddressed and can pose a serious risk to your health. 1) Safety Hazards Safety hazards are one of the most prevalent workplace dangers. They encompass unsafe conditions that can lead to injury, illness, or death.…

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GCC Pharma Regulatory Affairs Summit

GCC Pharma Regulatory Affairs Summit is a unique event for professionals responsible for pharma companies’ legal and regulatory issues in the GCC; The Summit will feature discussions between professionals and regulators on issues which the industry faces every day: timely reaction to legislative amendments, drug registration, introduction and application of new requirements and concepts. The conference will give a full picture of the specifics of regulating the pharma market in the GCC region: UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait,…

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