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[POEM] Talking to the Germs and Microbes

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A poem - Talking to the Germs and Microbes

O foes, why not loose, why so tight
Why make me sleepless tonight?
Hey stupids, my breath is uneasy and hot
A suffering neural net I just got.
But my conscious and subconscious are in symphony
In boosting efforts to decline any anomaly and cacophony.

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Dr. Pharma Seuss – Humorous Pharmacy Poem

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Dr Pharma Seuss - Pharmacy Poem

Oh the things you can fill For the folks who are ill. With your bright shiny spatula Oh, what a thrill. Besmocked and bedecked out In Pharmacist clothes Knowing all of the things That a Pharmacist knows. You’re quick and efficient, You’re sharp and inventive. It also just happens You’re very attentive. You read slips of paper To get the specifics From doctors who scribble out Strange hieroglyphics. Could it be Climara? Or maybe Aldara It might be a Fludara…

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