[POEM] Talking to the Germs and Microbes

4 mins read

I do see and feel through my mind-brain lenses
Listen to me with your supreme senses
O Dear germs and microbes who are trying
Silently gangfully horridly crying
to catch me and trying to make me feverish
Never mind, I will be bullish rather than bearish
Why bring down my dreamy kite?
Why try to make me sick and fell me ill this very dreamy night
You are already in my psychosomatic rooms
Reactively-proactively I have activated my magical brooms.
Viruses and bacteria to name a few;
You are known to me, you are not new
You are trying to fell me down
But I am dreaming and trying to wear the princely verdant gown
I want to be evergreen
I want to see supreme beauty in my royal screen

Power shell
Magic spell
Boon dust
Honing must.

Go fight
Check and balance total might
Never mind
Check front, check hind.

O foes, why not loose, why so tight
Why make me sleepless tonight?
Hey stupids, my breath is uneasy and hot
A suffering neural net I just got.
But my conscious and subconscious are in symphony
In boosting efforts to decline any anomaly and cacophony.

Please don’t beat me or bite me
Please don’t eat me.
There is a lot of food out there for you
But you decide what you do.
I don’t want to die before fulfilling my dreams
I am just extracting heavenly creams.
I have many dreams – small, medium and big dreams
Everyday joyfully I listen to their vivacious anti-screams.

There is a lot of food, better food out there for you!
Let me get up in the morning I can’t miss morning’s dew.
I am not good food, you cannot digest me very soon
If you try me, in the town and vila, you can be a goon.

My dreams will not die and they will not give you an easy chance to eat me.
Will you still try to beat me or just modify to feed me?
A lot of training and testing will play role
At last there becomes visible the supreme goal.
You will see my holy dreams moving with ponies
We will celebrate a lot of days with all johnnies.

About the Author:

Mohammad Raquibul Hossain, who is hailed from the northernmost district of Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar, is a poet and academician (graduated in Mathematics from University of Dhaka). He writes both in Bangla and English starting from an early age. His diverse poetic predilection encompasses the use of folk words, mainstream science and art words, and abstractionism. To paraphrase, he enjoys thinking and writing with a blended diction of science, arts, economics, and extended sociology. He enjoys free verse writing style. He is deeply influenced by the holistic picturization of reality through manifolds of unseen causal forces. He strongly focuses on harvesting optimism even with harsh exploration from pessimism.

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