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Driving real-time productivity insights with connected laboratory automation

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Tecan is offering its customers unprecedented insight into how their Fluent® and Freedom EVO® liquid handing platforms are being used, thanks to its Introspect™ and Common Notification System (Tecan CNS™) software tools. As laboratories and laboratory equipment become ever more connected with the Internet of Things (IoT), this powerful combination of monitoring solutions can provide valuable data on automated liquid handling platform usage, including real-time information on each instrument’s status. Introspect is a brand new, cloud-based service that provides a comprehensive overview…

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How Digital Technology Is Transforming Patient Experience: Omni-Channel And More?

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Syndicated content, interview taken by Clinical Trials Innovation Summit 2018 by iqpc. Across the world, most health systems are encountering similar problems in the Digital Age: the cost of care is rising, a global ageing population means more people are living with chronic conditions (which require multiple interactions with clinicians and services), and many patients are still experiencing a lack of continuity and personalisation in their care that undermines their confidence in the services they access. What’s quickly becoming clear is…

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