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How To Achieve Patient Centricity In Clinical Trials?

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Syndicated content, interview taken by Clinical Trials Innovation Summit 2018 by iqpc. Patient centricity is becoming increasingly important for companies as well as individual practitioners in the health care industry. By putting the patient at the very heart of the clinical trial process – from diagnosis, to study treatment and post-treatment support – leading providers are able to optimise the cost, quality, and outcome of the care they offer, facilitating clinical trial participation for patients. As part of an ongoing report…

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Is the Clinical Trial System Broken?

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Broken maybe, but not beyond repair. In an industry that has not necessarily been recognised for being agile, we are beginning to see some tangible changes in the way clinical trials are being designed and conducted. Much of that has to do with the advancement of technology to reduce time, cost and increase the patient retention. Yet there also remains challenges when it comes to project management. Here we bring you key steps to take to ensure clinical trial success.…

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