Pleio and Medisafe Showcase Human-to-Digital Patient Engagement Future

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New program combines human hello to digital embrace for long-term medication support

Boston, MA – Medisafe, a leading digital drug companion company, is teaming up with Pleio to launch a new integrated digital health model with a unique combination of human and digital resources. Known as the GoodStart program, Pleio’s concierge service uses mentors to acclimate patients on their prescription therapy via live phone calls and digital nudges, meeting patients’ need for human connection. Combining human support with digital platforms has shown to reduce patient hesitation, enhance retention, and improve adherence and outcome rates.

Over time, the program transitions engaged patients to Medisafe’s digital drug companion for a longer-term medication management resource. “While our digital drug companions provide exceptional guidance to patients, partnering with Pleio expands our scale with a trusted human engagement component to acquaint more patients into digital support programs,” said Omri Shor, founder and chief executive officer, Medisafe. “We’re excited to partner with Pleio to empower patients throughout their entire journey from initiation through drug management to improved outcomes.”

The GoodStart program’s growing network extends across 12,000 community pharmacies in the US.  Certified Pleio GoodStarters connect with patients by phone within 10 days of filling a new prescription to establish a rapport and guide them through relevant medication education, resources and management. From this human hello, mentors empower patients to continue their medication journey via Medisafe’s digital drug companion for long-term support throughout each patient’s therapy, delivering ongoing personalized guidance and tailored medication resources.

“The GoodStart program builds confidence in patients by pairing a human hello with innovative digital support, guiding them on therapy with relevant resources and tools,” explains Pleio CEO Michael Oleksiw. “Building an empathetic personal relationship creates a pivotal connection that empowers patients to overcome any treatment hesitations and challenges throughout their journey towards success.”

New diagnosis and medication regimens can be overwhelming and result in confusion and missed doses. The GoodStart program aims to create meaningful connections and provide needed emotional support to minimize any barriers.  This joint initiative between Pleio and Medisafe presents a lower cost, turnkey solution to support patients throughout their treatment journey.

Nearly 7MM users rely on Medisafe’s digital drug companion, which applies real-world evidence to build connected medication management programs and influence patients’ behavior on therapy. To learn more about how the GoodStart program can engage patients from the human hello to a digital embrace, visit

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