Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

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Failure Mode Effects Analysis provides for an evaluation of potential failure modes for processes and their likely effect on outcomes and/or product performance. Once failure modes are established, risk reduction can beused to eliminate, contain, reduce or control the potential failures. FMEA relies on product and process understanding. FMEA methodically breaks down the analysis of complex processes into manageable steps. It is a powerful tool for summarizing the important modes of failure, factors causing these failures and the likely effects of these failures.

Potential Areas of Use(s)

Failure Mode Effects Analysis can be used to prioritize risks and monitor the effectiveness of risk control activities. FMEA can be applied to equipment and facilities and might be used to analyze a manufacturing operation and its effect onproduct or process. It identifies elements/operations within the system that render it vulnerable. The output/ results of FMEA can be used as a basis for designor further analysis or to guide resource deployment.

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