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How Are Drugs Used Clinically in Patients? The study of the therapeutic uses and effects of drugs in patients is called pharmacotherapeutics. The focus of pharmacotherapy is the patient, not the drug or the disease. Drugs do not behave in the same way in all individuals, and patientto-patient variability in drug response is very common. Therapeutic variability may be caused by differences in patient body size and composition, age, disease,¬†environmental factors, and genetic influences. It may also be attributable to… Keep Reading

How antisense drugs work
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Antisense Drugs

Definition, Designing Technology, and Mechanism Antisense drugs are drugs that seek to block DNA transcription or RNA translation in order to moderate many disease processes. Antisense drugs consist of nucleotides linked together in short DNA or RNA sequences known as oligonucleotides. Oligonucleotides are designed knowing the target DNA/RNA to bind to specific DNA or RNA sequences or regions (eg, messenger RNA) to block transcription or translation of that targeted protein. An oligonucleotide that binds complementary (“sense”) mRNA sequences and blocks… Keep Reading

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