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Drug Tolerance

Tolerance may be defined as either (1) the loss of effect over time to the same dose of a drug or (2) the need for more of a drug over time to get the same effect. Tolerance, at first, appears¬†counterintuitive because addition of more of an activating ligand lessens the elicited response. [wp_ad_camp_5]¬†Recall, however, that receptor number and receptor sensitivity are dynamic and that signaling can adjust based on the conditions of ligand availability. Given that drugs often times act… Keep Reading

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A few individuals respond to drugs in a highly unusual and unpredictable manner, giving a response quantitatively much different than in the average patient. [wp_ad_camp_5]For example some patients may have an intense response to a very small dose of the drug, whereas others may not respond to very high doses. The response may also be qualitatively different in some situations, with new pharmacological effects being observed. Such responses, referred to as drug idiosyncrasy or idiosyncratic response, are infrequent and believed… Keep Reading

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