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Microencapsulation: A Wide Array of Applications

Microencapsulation is an advanced delivery system which involves storage of particles of an active agent in a protective shell made of polymeric compounds to form particles sized in the micrometer to millimeter range. The main objective of the process is to protect the active agent in uncertain conditions and prevent its degradation. Within the pharmaceutical industry, the technique is used to prevent enzymatic degradation of active agents when entered in the body. It is also one of the major benchmarks… Keep Reading

Contract Pharmaceutical Fermentation Services Market - Key Market Influencers and Regional Impact
Pharmaceutical Articles

6 Market Trends Shaping the Future for Contract Pharmaceutical Fermentation Services

The healthcare sector is seeing a sea change with the development of state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing procedures. Recent trends in the healthcare sector reflect a mounting number of companies adopting a pragmatic approach to introduce fermentation-based drugs with the advent of the latest bioengineering technologies. Fermentation is poised to influence the growth of the pharmaceuticals industry as it is becoming a critical step in both drug and toll manufacturing. Albeit complex and tedious, implementing the process of fermentation in pharmaceutical… Keep Reading

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