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How drug delivery could be improved with advances in nanotechnology
Pharmaceutical Articles

How Drug Delivery could be Improved with Advances in Nanotechnology

Drug delivery is not as easy as simply getting the right drug into contact with the right cells. We need to consider factors such as how the drug will reach its target site, how long it will remain at the site before degrading, and what impact it may have on non-target cells. Advances in nanotechnology could have fascinating real-life implications for improving the accuracy and effectiveness of drug delivery. It could revolutionise many treatments, especially ones where the drug can… Keep Reading

Pharmaceutical Articles

US pharma executives reveal their attitudes to the UK and Brexit

What will Brexit mean for pharma companies on both sides of the Atlantic? Given the ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK – and the particular track record of collaboration in the pharma industry – many people within and beyond the industry are trying to assess what the future will now hold. In order to try to determine this, life sciences expert Alacrita conducted a survey to gauge the views of C-suite biotech executives in the US. The results, outlined… Keep Reading

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