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NGS Data Analysis Software
Pharmaceutical Articles

Here’s how NGS analysis can help Pharma companies in accelerating drug discoveries for medical usage

The advent of NGS analysis software has unraveled immense potential for directing and carrying out basic biological research by offering unparalleled prospects for accurate prognostics, diagnostics, and therapeutics in various domains of healthcare. The NGS analysis software aids the scientists in analyzing complex biological interpretations within the comfort of their homes instead of carrying out exhaustive, prolonged, clinical trials for the genetically stratified clinical trials. The developments of NGS analysis software and tools have undoubtedly facilitated the analysts in executing… Keep Reading

Pharmaceutical Articles

Regulatory Perspective of Physiology based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling

Introduction A molecule’s journey from its discovery cradle to the patient’s bedside is highly uncertain and often has a low probability of success. Substantiation of its safety and efficacy to cater to an unmet medical need involves a long span of time and investment of billions of dollars. In order to improve the efficacy of the drug development process, various strategies are designed that aim at eliminating molecules at the earliest stages that do not promise any therapeutic benefit. For… Keep Reading

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