4 Ways to Get a Perfect Smile

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No two people smile the same way. A bright, confident smile can sell a product or help to ace an interview. First impressions are increasingly important in the world today, which is why tooth and dental care is incredibly important for individuals wishing to improve their social and professional image.

While commercials and doctors attempt to sell expensive solutions that can take time and money, there are myriad simple, fast, cost-effective solutions that anyone can utilize to brighten their smile, and better their image and their future.

Whitening Strips

One of the fastest, easiest solutions to gaining a bright, beautiful smile is by utilizing whitening strips. These can be purchased at a low cost at places like Target or Walmart and applied at home without having to schedule and pay for a dentist or orthodontist appointment.

Results with these whitening strips come faster than other teeth whitening methods, and while they can cost (on average) between fifteen and thirty dollars for a kit, the strips actually save money and time in the long-term. Most whitening strips are incredibly user-friendly, with easy to follow instructions and a simple application process.

While whitening strips might be too costly for consistent or weekly use and may cause sensitivity over time, they are a wonderful choice of smile-booster for special occasions or events with short notice.

Implement a Change of Diet

Not everyone feels comfortable or has the money to purchase and utilize whitening strips. These are not the only way to whiten one’s teeth though.

Implementing something as simple as a change of diet can drastically affect the health and appearance of teeth. Foods with malic acid, an enzyme, are incredible teeth whiteners. Foods that contain this enzyme include strawberries, watermelon, blackberries, and a number of other delicious fruit.

In addition to improving the nutrients and vitamins received, these fruits also serve the incredible function of whitening teeth to create a beautiful, bright smile. Apples, celery, and carrots, while not serving as high malic acid levels, increase a body’s saliva production, which allows the mouth to be cleaner with less harmful bacteria. Because it kills bacteria, it also improves bad breath.

Give Orthodontics a Try

Tooth whitening is one thing, but crookedness is another.

Having crowded or spaced out teeth can make it difficult to embrace and utilize one’s smile. In order to improve the confidence and charisma that each individual has inside them, clinics like Villa Orthodontics in Richmond offer Invisalign treatment for their loyal clients.

The slow, but a painless realignment of teeth is a process many individuals trust to help them with future plans, but braces can be difficult to deal with and are not necessarily a much-lauded fashion choice. For this reason, Invisalign is a stylish alternative for anyone who wants a beautiful set of straight, well-spaced teeth, without having to follow the rules or experience the unpleasant appearance and feeling of braces.

An appointment with a local orthodontist can assist clients in choosing the option correct for their body and their situation.

Relax a Little

One of the most important factors in whether a smile is “perfect” or not is confidence and relaxation.

A tense or nervous smile can feel forced and unsettling. For this reason, it is important to remember that beauty solutions are fine for tweaks to a smile, but a smile will never truly be it’ full charming self until the person smiling is relaxed and confident in it.

Clean teeth, beautiful smile!

Whether it is for graduation or reunion pictures, to accompany a handshake at the end of an interview, or during the speech one is about to give at their brothers wedding, taking a minute to breathe deeply and shake out the nerves or release some tension is a great way to set oneself up for a nice, natural smile. The tension in the jaw constricts the smile while relaxing allows the smile to soften up.

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