Tips to Help You and Your Partner Sleep Better by Stopping Snoring

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If you or someone close to you struggle with snoring, keep on reading this article. We are aware of the effects snoring can produce on your health but also in your private life. Maybe you are not completely aware of these now, but we will show you some of these. If you are not a long-term snorer, it is still early to detect the issues, but it is definite that they would come up eventually. That is why we want to help. We want to present you the best snoring remedies.

Note this – everyone snores occasionally, that is why you should at least remember these remedies. You will use some of them once.

Snoring, as we mentioned can have great impacts on your health. One thing is sure – sleep quality worsens with snoring. These “drill” sounds stop you from falling into the REM phase. Everybody knows that you can’t get enough sleep without entering it. What’s more, snoring can cause insomnia. If you are awake all night, probably that you would wake up your partner. Would you like someone to wake you up from your sleep? That’s what we thought…

Snoring in a combination with breathing pauses produces sleep apnea. Sleep apnea has devastating effects on your overall health, and in some cases, might trigger serious heart diseases. However, we don’t want to think in the negative direction. That is why we made this list – to keep you from the headaches.

  • Avoid supine position

The notorious sleeping position is the supine position. Many of us tend to roll to our back and sleep in this position. However, even a person who doesn’t snore might release a few harsh sounds sleeping like this. The trick is to sleep on the side or on your stomach.

Still, you are not aware of the moves you make while sleeping. That is why you should find a soft pillow and attach it on your back. This way, you won’t almost feel that something is behind your back, but what is more important – you won’t snore.

  • Peppermint oil

You know that feeling a peppermint gum or candy produces when you take it? You feel the freshness going through your mouth, nose, and throat. Peppermint has that intensity which cleanses the airways. If you got the flu and have nasal congestion, use some peppermint oil. Put it on your sinuses from the outside. After a few seconds, you will slowly feel the burning in your sinuses. This procedure will open up the nasal passages and prevent snoring when you go to sleep. Spearmint produces the same effect.

  • Vitamins

You need a healthy immune system. Stress is probably the worst enemy of the immune system. Try to avoid stressful situations and increase the vitamin intake. The best vitamin for the respiratory system is vitamin C, which affects sinuses mostly. Also, increase the intake of bromelain, a vitamin that can be found in pineapples, papayas, mangos, bananas etc.

  • Change your pillow

Firstly, if you sleep on the same pillow for a year or two – change it. Pillows are full of dirt and dust. The particles in a pillow might induce allergies, one of the snoring causes. Beyond, pillow height can hold your head in an inappropriate position.

If the pillow is too high, it will make your jaw fall down and your mouth will open. We already mentioned the bad sides of sleeping on your back, but if you really like it – then at least get a suitable pillow, which will hold your head in the lower position.

  • Snore guard

One of the best snoring remedies is a snoring guard. It’s a simple and effortless way to solve this complicated task. Snoring is everything but easy to solve. That is why you should read some of the snoring guard reviews. You will see thousands of reviews which describe what kind of relief people feel after only a few nights. Many factors cause snoring. However, if you attack the problem from all sides, there is a great chance of solving it. Snoring guard will definitely do the job right.

Snoring mouthpieces are class II medical devices and you should consult a doctor before using it; moreover, it is not available over the counter but on the manufacturer’s website or store.

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