Utrace Offers A Single Solution to Serialization Challenges

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Unfair competition arising in the pharmaceutical markets and the presence of a shadow sector require the protection of the brand’s interests and confirmation of quality for the end customer. In recent years, the reaction to this has been the emergence of intercorporate methods of protecting goods from counterfeiting. The regulators of specific countries of national projects have started to control counterfeit and falsification by creating complex systems that verify each unit of goods. Now we see the effectiveness of Track and Trace technology, its rapid development, and distribution across countries and markets and want to provide businesses with up-to-date solutions to get maximum value.

The upcoming EU and US aggregation and full Track&Trace requirements will inevitably disrupt the existing landscape of the pharmaceutical industry as a part of Serialisation 2.0. The good news for stressed companies is that Russia has already gone through this process simultaneously with serialization, aggregation, and full traceability.

As a result, international companies face a new challenge – maintaining growth rates and market share together with rapid adaptation and compliance to ever-changing regulations. Today, the successful implementation experience in the pharmaceutical industry is starting to be applied everywhere else: from food supplements to dairy and bottled water. Therefore, the best solution here is to build an advanced Track & Trace systems network to complement the existing supply chain.

UTRACE is a well-known Track & Trace solution vendor and integrator, an innovative international tech company providing a cutting-edge serialization software solution based on sophisticated L4 with distributed architecture. To put it simply, the company has developed a system for digital tracking of goods throughout the entire production chain from the manufacturer to the distributor at each stage. Track & Trace is coming to new industries, such as food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics. As an L4 vendor, it was also a challenge to create a single solution that would deal effectively with different countries, industries, and requirements. To achieve this, we created an entirely new, innovative, and sophisticated L4 with distributed architecture.

How is it that we know our automation level is so much better? Some of our clients had previously opted for one of our competitor’s expensive but not so effective solutions. Subsequently, when they turn to us to sort out the mess, we use our data governance service, accompanied by a team of specialized experts that are fully dedicated to providing reliable track & trace processes to help them compensate for the lack of automation.

Evgeny Rodnyansky, co-founder of Utrace

Whether compliance requirements are long-standing or currently emerging, Utrace has successfully served companies’ Track and Trace digital transformation on developing and developed markets.

The Track and Trace automation implemented by Utrace is at the forefront of innovation, defining its competitive advantage. The automation level of their solutions is from 1.5 to 4 times higher than that of our closest adversaries, moving the whole market towards its further digital maturity.

Along the soar of unique international regulations toward a particular product group, the overall complexity of the solution does not increase vertically, and the requirements are exhibited in the horizontal growth of architecture and the emergence of new microservices.

UTRACE’s advanced solution is a win-win both for the market, company, regulator, and customers as it allows easy compliance with regulations, digitizing the supply chain traceability, gaining insights from the supply chain data, and maximizing consumer engagement.

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