Can You Sue Your Doctor for Blindness Caused by Elmiron?

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The Janssen Pharmaceuticals-produced medication Elmiron is used to treat interstitial cystitis. According to some studies, Elmiron may be connected to eye damage that results in vision loss or other negative effects like blurry vision. A multidistrict litigation has been started by more than 1,700 people who have used Elmiron for a prolonged period and have developed eyesight impairments to recover damages. People who have had Elmiron and significant eye issues may be eligible to file a lawsuit for personal harm, medical misconduct, or as part of a mass tort case.

A recurring question that the victims ask is if there is any chance of medical malpractice or if a doctor can be held responsible for the situation. Keep reading this article to learn who is responsible and what causes the unfortunate condition.

Medical Community and Elmiron

The majority of recent Elmiron cases do not blame the medical community. Instead, the main defense in the Elmiron litigation is that Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes Elmiron, failed to inform clinicians of the medication’s potential negative effects.

Before June 16, 2020, maculopathy was not included as a potential risk on the package of Elmiron. Doctors were, therefore, ignorant of this potential Elmiron side effect, making Janssen the main defendant in the ensuing cases. If doctors had known, they might not have prescribed the medication, and patients would not have chosen to take it.

People who took Elmiron for at least two years and are now experiencing vision problems have several complaints being filed on their behalf. A plaintiff must have experienced eye issues either while taking Elmiron or within a year of ending therapy in order to be eligible for compensation.

Those who intend to file a lawsuit seeking damages for their vision issues should keep a daily log of their symptoms and create an exact timeline of their Elmiron use and visual impairments. To demonstrate they were given Elmiron and that their symptoms started after taking the medication, people should also save invoices for prescription drugs.

At this time, lawsuits are still being filed, but there are no settlement reports yet. However, Elmiron eye damage victims may receive future compensation for past and future medical costs, anguish and distress, and loss of capacity, loss of income, among other things.

How Does Elmiron Function and What Is It?

The drug Elmiron, also known as pentosan polysulfate sodium, is used orally. Although the medication is currently FDA-approved for treating interstitial cystitis, patients who received it as a prescription for this ailment have reported various negative effects.

For most people, eyesight loss is the most obvious side effect. Elmiron’s precise negative effects are still unknown. Elmiron is thought to work by replenishing the bladder’s natural mucus layer (the GAG layer), which protects the organ from bacteria and other irritants found in urine, like acid. Interstitial cystitis may occur when this layer is compromised. This mucus layer might be replaced by a synthetic one by Elmiron.

A 2018 investigation by medical professionals revealed that people taking Elmiron for IC exhibited a specific pigmentary maculopathy for unidentified reasons. In many cases, vision loss is evidently caused by the drug’s concentration or one of its constituents.

Numerous people with interstitial cystitis who were given Elmiron® are currently seeking individual or class-action lawsuits. It is hoped that winning litigation will enable victims to obtain compensation for the costs and suffering brought on by this dangerous IC treatment. However, to answer the question are medical practitioners also responsible, the answer is a definite no as they were also kept in the dark about the drug’s negative side effects.

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