Exercise and Supplements Help to Increase Testosterone Level

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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is one of the human hormones. Although it is primarily associated with men, women produce testosterone too but in much smaller amounts. The highest production of testosterone starts in the teenage years and lasts until somewhere around 30.

What is testosterone’s responsibility?

It is most common to connect this hormone with the sex drive. And for a good reason. Testosterone plays a significant role when it comes to libido levels and sperm production. For men, it is also crucial for fat storage, blood pressure regulation, body hair, energy levels, bone and muscle mass, and even the mood.

How to test testosterone levels?

Testing testosterone level is simple, yet effective – a basic blood test does the work. Results meeting the standards should range between 280 and 1,100 nanograms per deciliter for adult men, and between 15 and 70 ng/dL for adult females.

What are the symptoms of a too low testosterone level?

The main symptoms of low T levels include mood swings, decreased sex drive, low libido level, muscle mass disease while weight gain, thin and brittle bones, and problems growing body hair such as a beard.

Naturally, low testosterone levels may be connected to some chronic diseases such as AIDS, alcoholism, or pituitary gland problems. Moreover, stress overload or delayed puberty are often the causes of low T levels.

Is there any way to boost testosterone production?

The natural ways to boost testosterone production include losing weight, anaerobic exercise, eating a balanced diet, and enough sleep. Vitamins and supplements may also play a vital role in testosterone production. A study titled ‘Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Testosterone Levels in Men‘ published in the Journal of Hormone and Metabolic Research found that taking vitamin D supplements might correct a deficiency and even contribute to increased testosterone levels. Some people go for supplements that are informally called testosterone pills. Combined with a proper diet and exercise, they might change in one’s mood, appearance, energy levels, and sex drive. You can get information about such testosterone boosters on https://thesupplementreviews.org/.

If you want to know all about the benefits supplement might bring you, keep on reading.

The decrease in fat, increase in muscle mass

Studies show that supplementation for people with low testosterone levels can work wonders when it comes to muscle mass increasing. T hormone affects muscles in such a way that they become more robust, bigger, and because it decreases the body’s fat percentage at the same time, more visible.

Better libido and sex drive

Men with higher testosterone levels tend to have more sexual activity. Scientists do not recommend that the younger men supplement testosterone for the increased libido purposes, as the levels of their sex drive tend to be higher by nature. On the other hand, older men may need testosterone to boost libido and erectile functions. Take into consideration that for those who do not suffer hypogonadism – the diminished activity of the gonads – increasing T level may not positively influence the sex drive.

Better mood

People experiencing low testosterone levels usually are moody, or even depressive when it comes to extremes. Establishing a right testosterone level can eliminate that. Some researchers claim that testosterone therapy may also turn out to be an effective anti-depressant therapy.

Improved memory 

It is a matter of the fact that men’s testosterone levels naturally decrease with age. Some of the research suggests that increasing testosterone levels may be beneficial to cognitive performance. In one study, men aged 35-70 underwent testosterone treatment and showed a significant improvement in spatial memory. Moreover, high T levels can prevent diseases connected with memory loss e.g., Alzheimer’s disease.

Greater strength

The decrease in testosterone levels often leads to bones weakening, which can sometimes result in osteoporosis. Supplementation of testosterone pills helps the bones become more potent by increasing their density. It is crucial for the overall better sports performance, as the bones play a vital role in supporting the muscles and internal organs.

The downsides of having too high T level

Naturally-occurring testosterone levels in one’s body rarely turn out to be too high. Surprised as you may be, having abnormally high T levels is not desired, as it can lead to some unpleasant side effects. Some of them include insomnia, low sperm counts, acne, liver diseases, and increased risk of heart disease. Always be careful with the dosage and consult your physicians before taking any medicine and hormone replacement therapy.


Undoubtedly the safest and best way to increase your testosterone levels is to combine a balanced diet, physical activity, and health supplements. There are numerous benefits when it comes to supplementation. You may expect to have a better mood, increased muscle mass and strength, and a sex drive. Although they promise stellar effects, some testosterone pills are not of the highest quality. Be mindful of the physician’s advice, expert opinions, ingredients, and safety when buying testosterone boosters.

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