The Importance Of A Trusted Counsellor

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Nobody said that life would be easy, that karma seems to come around when you least expect it or that no matter how good of a person you are, no-one is perfect. Life seems to be handing out lemons left, right, and center, and if you aren’t a chef by any means, making lemonade might not come so easy.

Thankfully there are those people who have taken the time, put in the work and hours, and transformed themselves into a guiding light, someone to be ourselves around with no judgments and accusations.

What we have come to know as a counselor, the more in-depth explanation of it can be found in Wikipedia, which is essentially the physical version of our consciousness. While we may know the right answer and what needs to be done to rectify a situation, we are blocked consciously and, therefore, can’t put our thoughts into actions.

The help of talking to someone who can tap into that blockage and release what’s been holding you back is something we all need in our lives at one point or another. Just getting rid of the weight that’s been a struggle to carry all those years is enough to make a person feel rejuvenated—light on their feet and overall better well-being.

How to Choose a Counselor

The first thing you need to make sure of is that when you are looking at various therapists, counselors, and even their practices, it is that you feel comfortable. If you think at any point that you are holding back information when getting started or not being yourself, then the session is not going to work, and you are unlikely to receive any real help.

You need to feel like you can just lie on the couch (movie scene, am I right?), or I guess in modern times sit on the chair, and be free to express yourself in whatever means you feel are best suited to get to the root of the problem.

Some people enjoy lying down, and others prefer to pace back and forth and get it all off their chest by continually moving, whichever style you have the fact that you have decided to get professional help is a step in the right direction.

A practice such as with industry professionals who have the education and experience to back up their advice is one that will set your mind at ease and help you on your recovery journey in the best way they know-how and in the way that works for you.

The right person and place will be a gut feeling for you; you will feel a sense of calm and serenity and know you have come to the right place.

When attending the initial consultation to see if both parties are fit for each other, be sure to ask point-blank questions, you are finding out as much about them as they are about you.

Check that they have been practicing for a reputable number of years, this is a good indication that they have ‘satisfied clientele’ as it were and are capable of dealing with a variety of problems and situations.

I’m all about helping recent graduates get practical experience, but I don’t recommend it when spilling your life’s’ dilemmas and hoping they will know what to say. Not this time, I’m afraid.

Then you will find those who are skeptics when it comes to paying someone to listen to you, and each to their own as my granny always used to say, but with the staggering number of success stories, I believe it’s useful. Others do, too, read this blog on whether counseling works and see the positivity and advantages related to counseling.

4 Reasons Why People Seek Counseling

  • Mental Health. I can relate to this option; being a working mother with children who are currently stuck in the house ‘and’ trying to build a home is enough to make people lose the plot. But for those with depression or anxiety-causing fear, therapy can steer your thought processes into a different path, a safer, healthier one.
  • Major decisions. You may be starting your dream job that you never thought you would achieve, or you made the plunge and proposed and want to make sure it was the right choice, no matter the change, talking it out with someone helps put the pros and cons in order and you’ll soon have the answer you were looking for all along.
  • Self-awareness. You may not be facing a life-changing decision, but being in limbo is also not great, you could be looking to rediscover yourself or delve further into who you are as a person and find out your life’s purpose. A therapist can open the chapters that are already inside you, but you weren’t aware or sure of how to tap into them.
  • Life. This is probably the biggest reason. Our lives get in a mess, and we feel like we are either treading water or struggling to keep our heads above the waves. Sometimes all we need is a voice of reasoning and to put things into perspective, and then we have our ‘light bulb’ moment. This is explained well in this short video but essentially it is a ‘moment of realization,’ or sudden inspiration that can drastically change your way of life and thinking.

And if this is for the better, then enjoy the ride.

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