4 Key Vitamins You Need For Healthy Teeth And Gums

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Caring for your teeth can be challenging, particularly if you do not have the best diet, however, it is not impossible and can be turned around. With a number of vitamins found in meat, fruit, and vegetables that are all needed for healthy teeth and gums you can have healthy teeth in no time. In this article, we will be giving you insight into some of the key vitamins that you need for healthy teeth and gums.


Calcium is found in dairy and is vital to healthy teeth and bones. Calcium helps to strengthen the enamel on the teeth as well as help to protect against sensitivity that can take place in the dentine in the teeth. This can be incorporated in your diet with ease by eating cheese and other dairy products. Though there is an option for an affordable tooth splint to aid in the correction of bad teeth it is important to maintain the health of your teeth to prevent gum disease and other common problems. Though it may take time to see changes to the surface of the teeth, you will begin to feel the effects with sensitivity becoming reduced within the first 2 months.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a big role in keeping your teeth healthy as it helps the absorption of micronutrients into the body. This vitamin helps to boost the strength in your teeth and allows the calcium to be bought out in the surface of the teeth. This vitamin can be found in a number of foods such as breakfast series as well as pasta and other dishes, however, it is worth looking into the foods that you eat and begin to ensure that all your foods are rich in this nutrient to help aid the health of your teeth. Be sure to also go for regular dental checkups, such as at American Family Dentistry and Orthodontics clinic or a clinic near you to keep your teeth healthy

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is not only good for your eyes, but it is also good for your teeth and gums as it helps to maintain the health of valuable tissues as well as mucus membranes that are responsible for preventing the build-up of harmful bacteria. There are two different types of vitamin A are preformed and provitamin with preformed vitamin a being abundant in meat products and preformed being found in vegetables, this vitamin is in abundance in a number of different food groups. Though it will take time to see the effects of these vitamins in the body, you will begin to see changes within a month or two.

Vitamin C

The final vitamin that is worth mentioning when it comes to healthy teeth is vitamin C, this is needed for the formation of healthy blood cells as well as key tissues that are needed to support your teeth as well as the healing process. Without vitamin C there is an increased risk of common issues such as gum disease and tooth decay. However, foods such as lemons, Brussel sprouts and other fruits all contain this vitamin, allowing you to see the result with just a few simple changes to your everyday diet.

Whether you are looking to repair the dentine on your teeth by changing your diet, or you are just looking to reduce the effects of tooth decay, there are a number of key vitamins that can help to keep your mouth healthy all year long.

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