Workforce transformation, endorsed by Ministry of Health, is brought to Indonesia’s pharmacists by FIP and IAI

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Indonesia’s 80,000 pharmacists will soon benefit from a national framework for advanced practice development and professional recognition, as a result of the International Pharmaceutical Federation’s (FIP’s) Workforce Transformation Programme. FIP’s member organisation the Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IAI) has been working with FIP on workforce issues, and the two organisations have affirmed their intention to progress this work with a Memorandum of Understanding signed today in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

FIP’s Workforce Transformation Programme (WTP) is designed to advance pharmaceutical workforces around the world. It offers a practical and flexible model to assist countries in assessing their individual pharmacy workforce needs and priorities; support them to develop needs-based national workforce strategies and infrastructure; and provide co-created solutions, tools, mechanisms and resources for implementation. 

“Collaboration with FIP through the WTP will really speed up the process of advancement of practice in Indonesia. Within two years, we have developed an evidence-based tool to advance the workforce, and now we are working on developing a sustainable system to implement the tool. We are excited to continue working with the FIP because the WTP is not only helping our nation in identifying strategies to adapt with our needs, but also to be recognised by our partners as a pioneer in transforming the pharmacy workforce in Indonesia,” said Mr Nurul Falah Eddy Pariang, IAI President. 

FIP’s programme has gained the full support of Indonesia’s Ministry of Health. “Ensuring access to medicine is a strategic priority in our national health development. The Ministry of Health acknowledges the importance of a qualified pharmacy workforce in implementing this priority, and as a component of health care delivery. We commend the leadership of pharmacy’s professional leadership body, Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia, for transforming pharmacists in Indonesia. The Ministry of Health fully supports the IAI-FIP Workforce Transformation Programme to develop an adaptable, flexible and competent pharmacy workforce in Indonesia. The ministry believes this programme will help us in ensuring access to medicines, and supporting achievement of universal health coverage and our Healthy Indonesia Programme,” said Mrs Engko Sosialine, Director-General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices, Ministry of Health, Indonesia.

FIP President Mr Dominique Jordan said: “We commend the efforts of our member organisation, the IAI, in leading this programme, and ensuring alignment with the vision of Indonesia’s Ministry of Health. We look forward to the outcomes of this partnership to transform pharmacy and inspire change in other countries around the world. Every country should have a national strategy and action plan for pharmaceutical workforce development.”

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The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of national associations of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and pharmacy educators, and is in official relations with the World Health Organization. Through its 151 member organisations, it represents over four million practitioners and scientists around the world.

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