Is Methylin the Right Stimulant for Treating ADHD

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a serious complication that we should need to talk about. Many parents are neglecting this case because the symptoms seem to be normal especially for children. People who have ADHD are impulsive, can’t pay attention and unable to manage their time and organize things. These symptoms are also happening to most people but for people with ADHD, it is worst that it can already affect their day to day activities at work, school or even at home.

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However, this is not the end if you are diagnosed with ADHD  because there are a lot of treatment you can do. Most of the doctors are giving prescriptions for stimulants but you also need to know which of these stimulants works best for you. Let us know more about one of the stimulants that are commonly used nowadays – Methylin.

What is Methylin?

It is a stimulant that works in treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD in children and adult. It will help them by increasing the ability to focus and lower impulsivity, hyperactive behavior, organizing things and improve listening skills by regulating substance in the brain. Other people are using this drug for treating a sleeping disorder.

However, frequent usage of this drug can lead to addiction; that is why your doctor may lessen the dosage of the medication when being used for a long time. It is in a tablet form, and the color is white in a round shape. The cost of the tablet will range to $91.24. Most of the people are using a free Methylin coupon to save.

How to use Methylin

Before using this drug, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the proper usage of the medicine. Take this medication orally for 2 or 3 times a day. Take this drug 30-45 minutes before meal depending on your case. Therefore you must tell your doctor about your medical history and allergies to avoid worsening your complication. It would be helpful if you will set a specific time to take the drug for you not to forget it. If you feel unusual consult your doctor right away.

What to expect while taking Methylin

All medicines do have side effects, and Methylin is not exempted to that. While taking the drug, you may feel nervousness, trouble sleeping, weight loss, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite and headache. Even though these side effects are inconvenient do not forget that the primary purpose of the drug is to treat ADHD. Tell your doctor all your medical history and allergies to medicines.

However, if you feel serious side effects consult your doctor right away. Remember that these are not a complete list of side effects, you may encounter unusual feeling, and it is better to talk to your doctor about it to avoid worsening your complications.


Upon purchasing Methylin, you must secure the product by placing it in a place where children can’t reach it and in room temperature. Remember that your prescription with this drug is not the same as other people who are diagnosed with ADHD because they may misuse the product and may harm other people.

Before taking medicine you must know your allergies and make sure that you do not have any allergies in any stimulants.  If you are planning to be pregnant consult your doctor about it for more information.


If you are starting to see symptoms of ADHD to your self, do not be afraid to talk about it with your family, friends and get medical advice to your doctor, psychological and other professionals. It is essential that you share it with someone you can rely on your case because it can help you to accept your situation and to fight against ADHD.

It is also vital that you know which treatment works best for you, remember that there are side effects while taking medicines so you must ready yourself in managing these side effects and symptoms.

What is more important is that it can treat ADHD and you can benefit from it in the long run. There are other treatments as well that does not require any medication that includes psychological planning, and you can talk to a psychologist for more information about it. Whatever complications we have it is a must that we fight against them. Fight against ADHD.

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