I Holland Seminar Puts the Pieces of the Tablet Production Puzzle Together

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I Holland, leaders in the manufacture of tablet tooling for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets is pleased to announce that the company is hosting the ‘Ultimate Guide to Compression Tooling’ seminar on 20-21 March at its head office in Nottingham, UK. The event will focus on common tablet production problems and will incorporate workshops and knowledge sharing sessions.
The popular seminar will concentrate on guidelines and best practices to optimise tablet manufacture.

I Holland take a pioneering approach to the production of solid dose forms and the processes involved–Marianna D’Onghia, I Holland’s seminar host

“As a leading manufacturer and solutions provider in the industry, our expert technical team is continually looking-forward to anticipate and address tablet manufacturing challenges and concerns that are systemic in our industry so that our customers don’t have to.
“The Ultimate Guide to Compression Tooling seminar incorporates over 70 years of knowledge into a 2 day event, for example, we investigate all the key elements in compression tooling and how they can affect modern tablet production. This includes the most common problems encountered during tablet manufacture like sticking, through to important elements that should always be considered like punch and die design, tooling specification and aftercare.
“It is called the ‘Ultimate’ guide for a reason, as we really do delve into all aspects of compression tooling and offer advice and guidance on how to increase productivity and improve the quality of tablets. We look at each piece of the production puzzle to form a whole picture. Importantly we are on hand to discuss particular problems or help with more advanced technical issues. It is the perfect opportunity to increase your knowledge of tablet production and understand how problems can be resolved.
“Our hope is to have those who attend leave this seminar with a better understanding of all aspects of the tablet production process. Our goal is to have all attendees leave this seminar educated and be able to better serve their customers with a quality end product.”
The Ultimate Guide to Compression Tooling Seminar has been created for those directly involved in tooling maintenance and will be held on 20-21 March at I Holland, Nottingham, UK.

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