I Holland to Deliver a Free Tooling Maintenance Webinar Series

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Ensuring punches and dies are kept in optimum condition is essential to produce high quality tablets. As the demand for pharmaceutical tablets increases, the importance for proficient tool maintenance becomes even more important.  To help companies understand the processes involved, I Holland, leaders in the manufacture of tablet tooling, will launch a free seven month webinar series, with the first presentation taking place at 2pm GMT on 25th February 2021.

The I Holland webinar series is based on a simple structured tooling maintenance process which follows 7 steps. These include Clean, Assess, Repair, Measure, Polish, Lubricate and Store with the final webinar concentrating on Management and Training. February’s webinar kicks off the series and looks at tool cleaning and how it can help to solve typical tablet manufacturing problems.

With the demand on tablet manufacturers increasing year on year, it is really important to ensure procedures are put in place to be able to maintain production efficiency. Tooling maintenance is an essential part of this–Alex Bunting, I Holland Marketing Manager

“It is important to maintain longevity and extract the maximum life from tablet tooling.  Following a consistent 7 step process will ensure punches and dies are always ready for production, with the assurance that they are clean, un-damaged and within specification.

“Keeping tooling in good working condition not only reduces tablet press downtime, but also minimises compression problems. This leads to an improved return on investment. We have devised seven monthly webinars exploring each of the tooling maintenance steps. It will include the science behind each step, how it solves common problems and show a practical demonstration of the recommended method and even some alternative techniques.

“The first free webinar is all about cleaning. This is the most critical stage in the 7-step tool maintenance process. Punch and die cleaning is essential for the removal of residue and to avoid product contamination. It also reduces potential production issues such as sticking and allows for an accurate assessment of tooling condition. The webinar will explore all of these points and how to clean successfully.

“We hope that the free webinar series, which runs every month until August, will be a helpful and insightful teaching tool to get the most from tablet tooling and improve production efficiency,” concluded Alex.

The free tooling maintenance webinar series includes:

Clean – 2pm GMT on 25 February. To register visit link

Assess – 2pm GMT 25 March 2021. To register visit link

Repair – 2pm 29 April 2021. To register visit link

Measure – 2pm 27 May 2021. To register visit link

Polish – 2pm GMT 24 June 2021. To register visit link

Lubricate & Store – 2pm GMT 29 July 2021. To register visit link

Management & Training – 2pm GMT 26 August 2021. To register visit link

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