I Holland To Host Their ‘Ultimate’ Tooling Seminar

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With over 70 years of experience in the tablet tooling industry, I Holland has a wealth of knowledge on productive manufacturing techniques. In order to share their expertise, the company will be hosting the ‘Ultimate Guide to Compression Tooling’ seminar on 19-20 September at its head office in Nottingham, UK.

I Holland’s leading team of experts have created a seminar which looks at all the major factors in compression tooling, including common problems encountered during tablet production, punch and die design, tooling specification and how by improving maintenance and aftercare procedures downtime can be significantly reduced.

Marianna D’Onghia, I Holland’s host for the event said: “The Ultimate Guide to Compression Tooling seminar really is an all-encompassing view at tablet tooling. It has run on several occasions and has proved to be extremely popular with customers  joining us from around the world.

“The team of experts at I Holland have an enormous pool of experience in various areas of tablet tooling, from design to maintenance. Combining this with over 70 years of research and development, I Holland can really help companies with their tablet manufacturing processes.

“In light of the increased pressure on manufacturers to get a quality product out quickly and cost-effectively, we are called on more frequently to solve tablet manufacturing problems. The seminar has been designed specifically for production managers, press operators and those directly involved in tooling maintenance and will include sharing information on industry trends and tooling expertise to help avoid costly production issues in both money and time. All of the information shared will help in effectively producing quality tablets and relieving customer pressure.

“The seminar will include focusing on some of the most common problems encountered during production including sticking, picking, corrosion, abrasion and tooling damage. There will also be a tour of  I Holland’s facilities, where delegates can see punch manufacture from design through to despatch of the final product. It will also give us the opportunity to discuss individual cases with those that attend both in group and individual scenarios. We can then gain informative feedback on how I Holland can further assist in problem-solving.”

The Ultimate Guide to Compression Tooling Seminar will be held on 19-20 September at I Holland, Nottingham, UK. For further information visit www.iholland.co.uk.

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