Laetus at interpack: Keeping the entire supply chain in view

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Laetus presents a wide range of solutions at this year’s interpack (Düsseldorf, 7 to 13 May, hall 8b/booth D02) for the inspection, serialization and aggregation of products in industries such as food, FMCG, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. At four stations, visitors will gain insights into innovative technologies for inline quality control as well as Track & Trace along the entire supply chain up to the point of sale.

Optical quality control

At the beginning of the journey through the topic of product quality and safety, Laetus shows the camera system POLYPHEM wt for filling inspection on blister machines. POLYPHEM inspects, among others, color, shape and dimensions of packaged tablets, capsules or ampules and detects damages as well as foreign objects. A wide variety of materials can be inspected, and defective products can be rejected. The system consists of an illumination unit and, depending on the version, one or more integrated cameras. POLYPHEM can be adapted to the individual process requirements of customers – e.g. with optional extensions such as the 3D module to evaluate height and contour.

The camera system POLYPHEM wt ensures reliable filling control on blister machines

Cross-line control of all devices

Laetus introduces the new Multi Device Manager at the second station. With this software, users can centrally control a large number of different devices like cameras, printers or RFID readers across lines. Independent of the manufacturer, all new or already used commercially available devices can be flexibly integrated. Handling is possible both via the operating panels of the COMMANDER series by Laetus as well as via web application. This enables companies to adjust their product parameters, for example when changing formats, even more quickly and efficiently without the user being on-site at the line.

The modular serialization system Modular X with 1000-MV and tamper evident module 1000-TL

Solutions for serialization und aggregation

Station 3 consists of the modular serialization system Modular X 1000-MV and the aggregation platform CS-115. The Modular X series was developed to mark folding boxes with barcodes or plain text including verification. It convinces with a fully automatic serialization of up to 400 packages per minute. Automated, reproducible format adjustments in less than one minute offer users unique flexibility when changing formats, which reduces time and operating costs in the long run. At interpack, the basic 1000-MV module is accompanied by the optional tamper evident module Modular X 1000-TL. The module automatically applies up to 400 tamper evident labels per minute on two sides of a folding box. Connected in line is the CS-115, the ideal solution to aggregate, de- or reaggregate the previously serialized products. The codes are quickly captured, depending on the model, by a copy scanner, by a top-down camera or alternatively by a hand-held scanner. Folding boxes as well as bundles can be processed, and several label printers can be connected.

The aggregation platform CS-115 captures folding boxes as well as bundles. Above, the CS-115 TS that scans codes by using a top-down camera

Protection and comfort for the end user

At the end of the product life cycle, Laetus illustrates how the serialization of finished products optimizes consumer engagement and brand protection. For potential users to get an idea of what Laetus has to offer, the company presents a shelf containing exemplary branded products at the booth. Visitors can conveniently scan the products’ QR codes with their mobile phones and be directed to a demo website. This feature enables companies to provide their end customers with additional information such as the origin or ingredients of the content. Seamless traceability across warehouses and delivery points moreover enables companies to detect and exclude counterfeits. In addition to its own booth at interpack, Laetus is also represented at numerous OEMs which have integrated the technologies of the world’s leading specialist for quality control and Track & Trace into their systems.

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