Laetus: Multifaceted blister control with POLYPHEM wt

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Sectors such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries in particular rely on blisters for packaging their sensitive products. With the camera system POLYPHEM wt, Laetus offers a high-quality solution for comprehensive inline quality control on blister machines. Regular advancements, as for instance the module POLYPHEM wt 3D for three-dimensional inspection, enable meeting all individual process requirements as well as new security standards.

Versatile inspection solution

Whether medication, toothbrushes or chocolate confectionary – intact packaging of high quality is one of the prerequisites for presenting a product successfully. The camera system POLYPHEM wt convinces with a variety of control options for blister packaging that is filled with coloured tablets, capsules, dragees, syringes and vials or applicators. Beyond merely checking the presence, the system reliably detects errors in colour, form, dimension and position of the contents. It also recognises contaminations, damages or overfilled pockets.

The camera system POLYPHEM wt ensures reliable fill inspection on blister machines

Tailor-made adaptation

A GAMP-compliant industrial computer with a touchscreen and a lighting unit with one or more integrated cameras build the basic structure of POLYPHEM wt. Various optional modules adapt the system to customer-specific process requirements. POLYPHEM wt 3D uses stereoscopy to evaluate height and colour and thus detects double or broken content. Moreover, the module is particularly useful for inspections in low-contrast surroundings. POLYPHEM wt Pro TWIN+ allows for controlling blisters successively from above and below, before and after sealing. Both modules can be combined with each other.

Inside POLYPHEM wt: The use of LEDs in the lighting unit combined with intelligent lighting control ensures smooth lighting of the control area without warming the products

Always up to date

POLYPHEM wt inspects objects of the most diverse materials lying in blisters for errors and therefore ensures that faulty objects are reliably discharged from the production process. Laetus configures the modularly expandable system directly according to individual customer requirements and without additional programming effort. For more than 40 years and with more than 2,300 installed systems, POLYPHEM wt has met the highest demands in fill inspection and is constantly being refined.

Among others, POLYPHEM wt inspects colour, form, size and positioning of tablets, capsules and dragees in blister packaging

About Laetus

Laetus is a globally leading provider of solutions for inline vision quality control and complete track & trace systems. More than 18,000 installed systems ensure the highest product quality and optimization of packaging processes for more than 3,500 customers in industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology, cosmetics, food and FMCG.

From initial contact to implementation through to support, Laetus meets all regulations and individual customer requirements with its modular, flexibly adaptable systems. The company’s own Track & Trace Academy at the Bensheim site also offers regular training including live demonstrations in the showroom.

The company was founded in 1974 and has its headquarters in Alsbach near Darmstadt, Germany in the mechanical engineering region of Rhine-Main/Rhine-Neckar. Today it employs a team of over 250 people and has branches in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and the United Arab Emirates.

The worldwide network for sales, service and project management is supported by around 50 independent representatives and distributors. Since 2015, Laetus has been part of the Danaher Group and, together with ALLTEC/FOBA, Esko, Linx, Pantone, Videojet and X-Rite, is part of the product identification platform as an independent company.

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