HDL has performed 500,000 lipoprotein tests with numares technology

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The U.S. based laboratory Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. has performed 500,000 tests for the determination of lipoproteins since the first devices were installed at HDL, Inc. nine months ago. The tests were run on several NMR devices and in routine operation. The technology and expertise for these special laboratory diagnostics in the field of cardiovascular disease were provided by numares HEALTH. The in vitro diagnostics manufacturer numares HEALTH supported HDL, Inc. to successfully develop a powerful and robust test system. This laid the foundation for a close development partnership with the U.S. company.

[wp_ad_camp_4]Approximately 50,000 analyses per month are now processed at HDL, Inc. since the systems were commissioned in March 2014. Dr. Joseph McConnell, CEO and co-founder of HDL, Inc. enthusiastically explains: “The performance and robustness of both method and instruments is exceptional.” The US company contacted numares in 2012 seeking support and expertise in the development of a high throughput method for determining lipoprotein particles. Lipoproteins transport cholesterol and other fats in the human blood and play an important role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and several other cardiovascular diseases.

numares HEALTH specializes in the development of test systems for human diagnostics based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. The company uses its NMR competence to perform a highly accurate and simultaneous determination of metabolites in bodily fluids. Using innovative evaluation approaches, metabolic profiles are determined that describe the condition of the patient and so provide the physician with valuable diagnostic information. numares had as early as 2004 developed a method based on NMR, which determines the concentration and size of lipoprotein particles in the blood. According to current scientific opinion, the data obtained with this method allows a better risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases than determining standard parameters such as HDL and LDL cholesterol alone.

To date, the operation and use of NMR instruments has been reserved for NMR specialists. With the development and commercialization of its user-friendly IVD test systems numares now offers all laboratories the ability to perform NMR-based assays in routine operation and high throughput without special knowledge.

numares will continue to work closely with the HDL, Inc. in the future. “With our help, HEALTH DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY, Inc. will develop further tests and integrate them into these systems.  Our IVD systems allow various diagnostic issues to be investigated on just one device, sometimes based on a single sample measurement”, informs Dr. Volker Pfahlert, Chairman of the Executive Board of numares AG.

“We are also leading discussions with experts in the fields of cardiology, metabolism and laboratory diagnostics to get our test into routine clinical practice. The goal is to make these revolutionary diagnostics available for every patient in Europe,” comments co-founder and board member Dr. Fritz Huber regarding the plans for the European market launch of a separate numares test system for determining lipoprotein particles which starts early this year.



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