New GeoMap Tools Get Patient Recruitment Back on Track During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Award-winning global leader in digital patient recruitment GeoMap Clinical by TrialWire announced today new tools added to the GeoMap geo-targeting Platform that can restore and boost patient recruitment numbers at a time when people are avoiding clinic appointments for fear of COVID-19.

The GeoMap Platform is currently recruiting for clinical trials in North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the EU.

Most studies require at least 1 clinic visit for check-ups, monitoring and tests, but many sponsors, investigators and study coordinators are finding that potential patients are staying away because of fear of contracting the virus in a clinic. Increasingly people are also not traveling unless they really need to – especially people with underlying conditions, which is much of the potential clinical trial patient community–The company

The GeoMap Platform has introduced a range of new tools to recruit patients as part of the GeoMap process which includes online screening using the Proprietary AI Patient Screener Funnel of more than 300+ possible questions, and direct secure encrypted contact with the study coordinator for a phone call.

The Platform is the fastest most accurate targeting tool available that doesn’t require IRB/EC approval and can start recruiting in under 24 hours.

The Platform had strict verification and email encryption so PHI is managed in accordance with state and country regulatory guidelines.

About GeoMap Clinical

The GeoMap Clinical Platform is the world’s most advanced geo-location/targeting and AI platform powered by specialist algorithms that find and screen the right people living or working near sites.
The Platform is a sophisticated location and health profile search service that sends only highly eligible people to their nearest site.
It has been designed to end pain points across the clinical trials sector saving time and money at every stage, while ensuring patient privacy and regulatory compliance.
The GeoMap Clinical Platform is not a database builder. Patient ID is redacted instantly and the focus is instead on finding only motivated patients to support enrollment and retention.

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