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The health care system prevents illness, promotes wellness, restores health and cares for the dying. However, costs of health care have also increased during the past two decades. This results to people having to pay catastrophic percentages from income in order to finance well-being.

Medical expenses are too much. Medical expenses are those you pay for health care, for the prevention and cure of diseases. These include health insurances, clinic and hospital visits, medications purchased and a lot more. In a 2010 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average U.S. citizen pays about $4, 839 annually for health care expenses.

When a family member gets sick, he is taken to the nearest hospital by ambulance. Upon arrival at the Emergency Room, medical attention is provided. Alas! The doctor tells you he needs to stay in the hospital. The cost of hospitalization is expensive-diagnostic procedures, dose after dose of medications, physician’s fee, hospital stay, etc.


Private and public health insurances reduce the amount payable directly for medical care. These supposedly give financial protection, yet, out-of-pocket expenditures can hinder access to medical care. Out-of-pocket expenditures are those that are a direct spending by households to health practitioners and suppliers of pharmaceuticals, therapeutic appliances for medical care that are not reimbursed by insurance.

According to a review from U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 20% of households struggle with medical bills. An estimated 1 in 5 people in the U.S. stated they have problems paying medical bills for the last 12 months. During the first half of 2011, 25% of households are paying bills over time and 10% can’t pay them at all.

In a generation where the social media plays a big role in our everyday lives, giving donations online is now possible. Crowdfundingis a system used since the 19th century where promotions are made to raise donations for a goal to help people. It has indeed proven it’s’ versatility through time making it possible to fund medical bills.

Crowdfunding for medical expenses is a new way to help make fundraising effective and efficient. Sites like CauseWish have been helping people, their mantra being: “help create miracles.” It is also easier than doing it the traditional way. You have to create an account and build up your profile. People all around the world get to see your cause and then they get to donate any amount they opt to.

Medical crowdfunding works due to the fact that technology and social media impacts the World Wide Web. There are a lot of popular social networking sites to choose from: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pineterest, Google Plus+ among others. These sites allow you to spread the word rapidly covering more people than offline fundraising does. Well-wishers all around the globe who would wish to donate can do so, whether the amount is big or small. These donations collectively build-up, eventually leading to the desired goal. Contributors can feel closer to the person they are funding. Online payments schemes are now more accessible and easier to handle. The sites collect the money and deliver them to you. Of course, family and friends of the beneficiary also get to send personal messages of gratitude to those who made the fundraising possible.

Medical crowdfunding has become a beacon of hope financially and emotionally during times of distress. Well, costly medicine can sometimes increase ill-health. More and more stories are coming out, looking out for persons with compassion and willing to give their support. When people start giving their donations and encouragements, it gives patients a second chance and restores their faith in the goodness of humanity. It has turned out to be an opportunity to help save lives: to bring patient treatment, care and survival. Beneficiaries can gain access to more medical innovations and to live longer. The online crowd becomes united in helping someone achieve their dreams.

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