The Themes of The World Pharmacists Day 2010-2020

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Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who have enough knowledge about the effective uses of medications. World Pharmacist Day is celebrated on 25th September every year since 2010 on the day FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) started their journey. FIP encourages pharmacists to celebrate this day to promote and support the role of the pharmacist in the whole world. Every year they set a theme that focuses on the responsibilities of a pharmacist.  

World Pharmacists Day 25th September

The theme of World Pharmacists Day 2020 is “Transforming global health.” This statement emphasizes how pharmacists change global health through different types of services. They advise patients about administering drugs correctly, research to discover new drugs, vaccinate to prevent disease, etc. Now in the COVID-19 pandemic situation, pharmacists are playing huge roles in the community.

Last year, the theme of the World Pharmacists Day was “Safe and effective medicines for all.” Pharmacists ensure the safety and effective use of medication. The theme focuses on the role of the pharmacist in maintaining patient safety by improving medicine use and reduce medication error.

In 2018, the theme was, “Pharmacists are your medicines experts.” Pharmacists have enough knowledge about medicine, their composition, side effects, dose, interaction, etc. The theme emphasizes that pharmacists are a trusted source of knowledge and advice of medicine. They advise the patients to take the right medicine at the right time at the right dose.

In 2017, the theme of the day was, “From research to health care: Your pharmacist is at your service.” They are responsible for the drug development process and the drug delivery system in medication to manage the disease. The theme focuses on the responsibilities of a pharmacist in the research of drug and drug delivery systems in healthcare services.

In 2016, the theme of the World Pharmacists Day was, “Pharmacists: Caring for you.” Pharmacists are the caregiver to patients. They are liable for patient care. They collect prescriptions, medical history of the patient, lifestyle, then analyze them appropriately to serve the medication to patients. From receiving a prescription to dispensing; Pharmacists are required for patient care.

In 2015, “Pharmacist(s): your partner(s) in health” was the theme of world pharmacist day. As a health partner, pharmacists advise patients when and how to take medicine to get the maximum effect, how to reduce side effects, and how to prevent the interaction of a drug with other drugs, food, vegetables, etc. That means pharmacist gives all type of instructions which is needed for patients.

In 2014, “Access to pharmacists is access to health” was the theme of the pharmacist day. Pharmacists play key leadership roles in all aspects of the healthcare system. Without pharmacists, the healthcare system cannot develop properly. Hospital pharmacists and community pharmacists play a crucial role in healthcare.

In 2013, the theme of the world pharmacist day was, “Pharmacists – simplifying your medicines use, no matter how complex.” The major responsibility is to describe medicine to patients, give specific instructions, and ask doctors about patients wherever necessary. If a pharmacist finds any medicines in the prescription that can badly interact with another on the same list, he may consult the prescriber to change this. In this way, a pharmacist can simplify the use of medicine.

In 2012, “Pharmacists – your partners in using medicines responsibility” was the theme of world pharmacists day. Pharmacists are responsible for using the medicine. They do not dispense prescription drugs without a prescription. They create awareness to patients about adverse drug reactions, side effects, and contraindication of drugs.

In 2011, the theme was bigger than the other. On that year, the theme was, “I am your most accessible healthcare provider, I am a driving force behind discovering new medicines, I am the key that unlocks all you need to know about your medicines, I am with you in sickness and in health.” Basically, in that theme, the whole concept of the definition of a pharmacist was described. From researching and discovering a new drug to dispense the drug to patient hands, pharmacists are responsible. They have enough knowledge of medicine and their rational usage.

2010 is the first year from where pharmacist day was celebrated. In the first year of celebrating, the theme was, “Safety first with medicines, ask your pharmacist.” Ensuring the safety of a drug is the main role of a pharmacist. The patients must follow the instructions delivered by the pharmacist to maintain the safe use of a drug.

Pharmacists are required in every sector of our health system. From discovering medicine to dispense it, pharmacist stays with us like a shadow in every sector.  

About the Author: Imtiaz Ahmad, B.Pharm Prof., Noakhali Science and Technology University, Bangladesh.

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