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US pharma executives reveal their attitudes to the UK and Brexit

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What will Brexit mean for pharma companies on both sides of the Atlantic? Given the ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK – and the particular track record of collaboration in the pharma industry – many people within and beyond the industry are trying to assess what the future will now hold. In order to try to determine this, life sciences expert Alacrita conducted a survey to gauge the views of C-suite biotech executives in the US. The results, outlined…

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Infographic: The Basics of Understanding Pharmacy Abbreviations

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[wp_ad_camp_4]Medication labels on pharmacy prescriptions can be difficult to understand because they contain abbreviations that medical professionals use as shorthand. While most consumers are not able to intuitively determine what these abbreviations mean, taking the time to understand them is important. Knowing how to read medication labels can help keep you safe from adverse drug reactions anddrug interactions. In order to help consumers better understand prescription labels, Carrington.edu has put together a detailed infographic with the following information. Laws on Writing…

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