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How Telemedicine Can Improve Patient Compliance?

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Telemedicine Can Improve Patient Compliance

Ever had to rush a loved one to the ER because they had constantly been delaying/rescheduling their visit to the doctor? It’s not a pleasant experience, both for the patient and the guardian. Thanks to technology and development in the field of medicine, there are better ways to acquire health care services that can save you from panic-stricken rides to the hospital. Telemedicine connects patients and medical practitioners via technology, allowing both parties to prioritize health. This ensures timely medical…

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Diabetes will Soon be Treated with an Old and Affordable Tuberculosis Vaccine

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The Disease of the 21st Century (Diabetes) Will Soon be Treated with an Old and Affordable Tuberculosis Vaccine

Almost two decades of intensive research may soon lead to a major development in the search for a treatment of type 1 diabetes, one of the leading causes of death in the entire world. The recent findings from an FDA-approved clinical trial testing a possible type 1 diabetes vaccine made the whole medical world rejoice, most especially those who are suffering from the so-called disease of the 21st century.  The good news was presented by none other than the principal…

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