Prevention is Better Than Cure: Diabetes

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Diabetes mellitus is a common disease nowadays that is capable of affecting anyone from any part of the globe. Based on statistics, it is one of the leading illnesses worldwide that causes death. The alarming fact is the drastic increase in the percentage of affected people and the shift of younger population catching the said disease. Along with diabetes and its complications are remarkable influences in the society. In addition, the sad truth is its lifetime dilemma in your life. There is no cure to diabetes but lifestyle changes and discipline. We have come up to 10 tips that will be very beneficial for those who opt to get rid of diabetes and its unwanted complications.


1. Weight and abdominal girth must be within normal range

Control of blood sugar is very difficult to achieve when you are overweight so make sure that you exert extra effort in cutting off excess calories to enhance proper use of insulin in the body. Body mass index and abdominal girth are additional factors to track normal figures.

2. Ensure intake of fundamental vitamins

The risk of engaging to a vegetarian diet and having no time for exposure to sunshine is lack of Vitamin D and B12 which may damage normal body metabolism. Remind yourself to take supplements to avoid deficiencies.

3. Recognize early signs of diabetes

If for the past days or weeks, you observed irregularities in your usual activities like increase thirst and appetite along with frequent urination, excessive fatigue and ill feeling, do not have second thoughts on testing your sugar levels as these are known to be early signs of a very high status.

4. Sleeping, alcohol intake and eating are serious matters

Sleeping and eating on time are helpful in maintaining a good flow of hormone balance. In addition, avoid excessive alcohol consumption to prevent liver and pancreas damage. These organs are responsible in maintaining the role of insulin in the body.

5. Smoking can increase risks

It is proven that the chance of catching diabetes is three times more than of non-smokers especially if you are consuming one pack per day.

6. Observe health checks on a regular basis

If you have a family history of diabetes, you need to be extra cautious. After age 30, have your levels checked frequently.

7. Blood pressure must be within normal state

Blood pressure must be less than 130/80 mmHg. In addition, healthy levels of LDL are below 100 mg/dl, HDL more than 40 mg/dl and triglycerides below 150 mg/dl.

8. Avoid stress

Stress is another contributing factor to unhealthy living so always take time to get vacations and activities that will enlighten the spirit and release all sources of stressors.

9. Go after established healthy meals

> cereals, fruits and vegetables are good sources of fiber

> fish, fish oil, walnuts and tofu give healthy omega-3 fatty acids

> monounsaturated fatty acids must be limited to 3-4 tsp of total fat/day like canola oil, peanuts, sesame seeds and olive oil

> cinnamon and fenugreek are very helpful when taken on advisable amounts. ¼-1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon can reduce risks of catching cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

> avoid processed foods and items which are known to be containing high trans-fatty acids

10. Regular Exercise

Based on evidenced-based guidelines on exercise, the following are beneficial on preventing diabetes:

> 30 minutes of scheduled exercise + 15 minutes walk and 15 minutes weights of 1-5 kilograms

> 10 minutes walk before dinner may improve liver function at night

The above list is just some of the many cautions that you can consider to avoid having diabetes. Always keep in mind; prevention is better than cure.

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