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Easy Ways To Keep Your Diabetes Under Control [infographic]

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things to know about diabetes

According to the latest study, around 422 million people worldwide have diabetes. Doctors predict that this number will double by 2039 due to unhealthy eating habits and an inactive lifestyle. Untreated type 2 diabetes may lead to fatigue, extreme thirst, high blood pressure, visual disturbances, and loss of conciseness. Also, people with this condition develop long-term complications such as nerve damage, kidney damage, skin conditions, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease. That’s why it is essential to undergo a medical examination regularly…

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How Telemedicine Can Improve Patient Compliance?

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Telemedicine Can Improve Patient Compliance

Ever had to rush a loved one to the ER because they had constantly been delaying/rescheduling their visit to the doctor? It’s not a pleasant experience, both for the patient and the guardian. Thanks to technology and development in the field of medicine, there are better ways to acquire health care services that can save you from panic-stricken rides to the hospital. Telemedicine connects patients and medical practitioners via technology, allowing both parties to prioritize health. This ensures timely medical…

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