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Infographic: The Basics of Understanding Pharmacy Abbreviations

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[wp_ad_camp_4]Medication labels on pharmacy prescriptions can be difficult to understand because they contain abbreviations that medical professionals use as shorthand. While most consumers are not able to intuitively determine what these abbreviations mean, taking the time to understand them is important. Knowing how to read medication labels can help keep you safe from adverse drug reactions anddrug interactions. In order to help consumers better understand prescription labels, Carrington.edu has put together a detailed infographic with the following information. Laws on Writing…

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How Are Drugs Used Clinically in Patients? The study of the therapeutic uses and effects of drugs in patients is called pharmacotherapeutics. The focus of pharmacotherapy is the patient, not the drug or the disease. Drugs do not behave in the same way in all individuals, and patientto-patient variability in drug response is very common. Therapeutic variability may be caused by differences in patient body size and composition, age, disease, environmental factors, and genetic influences. It may also be attributable to…

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