Pharmacy Review for Dummies: Solid Dosage Form – Tablet

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Tablet manufacturing process

Tablets are solid masses made by compaction of suitably prepared medicaments by means of a tablet machine. It is the most widely used dosage form. Either wet granulation or dry compression usually produces them.
Unit of tablet section:

Dispensing unit
Granulation unit
Compression unit
Coating unit

Dispensing unit:
Dispensing unit receive required raw materials which are approved by QC for tablet preparation. It supplies materials to the granulation and coating unit after accurate weighing according to dispensing order sheet and return the remaining materials to store.

Granulation unit:
Granulation is the process in which the powder particles of raw materials are made to form larger particles in order to facilities compression for the production of tablet. All the materials received from dispensing unit and granulation is performed.

types of tablet granulation

Wet granulation:

This is the most widely used and most general method of tablet preparation. The wet granulation of tablet production is essentially a process of size enlargement, sticking particles of drug and excipients together using an adhesive to produce a granular product with improved flow properties and increased ability to cohere under pressure.

Wet Granulation Process Flowchart - Tablet

Dry granulation:

This process is applied for those drugs which are sensitive to moisture. This process is also used for water sensitive powder that needs granule formation before compression.

Dry Granulation Process Flowchart - Tablet Manufacturing

Direct compression:

Tablets are produced directly from the powder by compression without modifying the physical nature. It is done for only few selective drugs, which has crystalline nature.

Direct Compression Flowchart - Tablet Manufacturing

Condition for manufacturing of Granules:

  • Relative Humidity: Not more than 55%.
  • Temperature: Below 250C.

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[Source: Pharmacy Review for Dummies by Md. Mehedi Faysal, Senior Quality Control Officer – Eskayef Bangladesh Limited]

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