How To Avoid Common CPAP Machine Problems

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Sleep Apnea or OSA is a very common problem among people. Within 10 people almost 6 suffers from obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. To deal with this problem health experts often advise to use CPAP mask. CPAP stands for Continuous positive airway pressure, which helps to have a restless night. A small, thin channel and nosepiece attached with the CPAP machine deliver constant and motionless air pressure.

But the heck is, loadsa people endure the problem of wearing CPAP machine. Especially for beginners, it is quite a challenge to them. CPAP users face some usual problems include stuffy nose, a dry mouth leaky mask, and trouble falling asleep. These problems can make you uncomfortable and unwanted to wear that mask again.

To make your CPAP mask wearing comfortable and to teach you how to deal with CPAP machine, here is some advice we have for you:

  1. CPAP Mask Size and Style: Everyone has different face pattern and size. A single size will not be fitted on every face. To get a full result of CPAP masks, firstly get the right size and style mask for you. These masks are available in multiple size and style. If your current mask is not fitting well then you can try another one which fits exactly on your face. Types of CPAP masks are available- one that covers both the mouth and nose and other covers only nose area. A full face mask can make you feel claustrophobic or anxious.

    On the other hand,  pillow covers up the only nasal area. A nasal pillow is a great option who wear glasses and it does not block your eye portion. But full face mask is the best CPAP masks for side sleepers. One more thing to remind is the size. CPAP masks come with an adjustable feature. There should be a user guide to teach you how to use CPAP.  If not, then you can ask your CPAP supplier or doctor to show you how to adjust mask straps.
  2. Trouble getting used to wearing the CPAP device: Start wearing the CPAP mask for a short period. Wear when you are awake, doing light things like watching TV, reading books or newspapers, or working on your phone, laptop. Then slowly increase the time period and wear it for a little longer period. This method will help to get used to with your CPAP mask. It’s important to make a habit of wearing this mask. So that you can wear it for the entire sleeping time.
  3. Dry & Stuffy Nose: You mask should be fitted well while sleeping. If your CPAP mask leaks, then it can make your nose dry. Buy a CPAP mask with a humidifier. This type of machine is attached to the air pressure machine. The hot air will help prevent the mucous membranes of the nose and throat from drying out. You can adjust the air humidity. To prevent dry and stuffy nose you can use a nasal saline spray before bedtime.
  4. Leaking Mask: A loose or leaky mask can cause less air pressure and skin irritation. This can reduce the effectiveness of CPAP therapy and make your eyes dry and teary. To avoid the situation you have to learn how to deal with CPAP machine. Try to change the position by adjusting the CPAP strap and pad, so that it fits well. Change the air pressure and make sure it does not fit too high onto your nose. Otherwise, the air flow will be directed to your eyes. If nothing fits well, get in touch with your CPAP supplier for a different size or product.
  5. The Problem Of Forced Air: A mask with a ramp feature will make you get rid of this issue. The feature of this machine is, it will start from low air pressure, then slowly it will turn up the air pressure by default. This feature also fail to provide you an accurate result, then consult to your doctor for a machine with automatic and air pressure adjustable feature.

Difficulty Falling Asleep: If you wear the mask for the day time, it will aid you to sleep at night. Try to avoid sleeping at day time, thus you can sleep peacefully at night time. If you are facing difficulty while wearing CPAP mask, that means the mask is fulfilling its purpose of wearing.

Others CPAP machine problems are there as well, include dry mouth, machine noise, lack of patience, etc. To overcome these problems get yourself a proper mask that fits on your face. Make sure there is no air leakage. If anyhow these bits of advice didn’t help you then consult your doctor for help. Particularly the patients with side sleeping habit can ask for the option of CPAP masks for side sleepers to their CPAP suppliers. With proper effort, patience and product, you can give yourself a healthy life and healthy sleep.

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