What Amazon Doesn’t Want You to Know About Health Supplements

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Buying health supplements on Amazon via reputable review websites such as https://healthenergyguru.com/ is be one of the best ways to go about online shopping. You see, policing and regulating its third party sellers adequately has long been an issue with the online shopping giant Amazon. The problem is that Amazon is a marketplace and almost anyone can start selling – Amazon has no efficacy requirement for their online products.

This arguably can be riskier when it comes to health supplements since such products are often ingested and self-administered.

So what are some uneasy truths about buying health supplements on Amazon that the online shopping giant may not want you to know?

The Risk of Fake Supplements

A billion-dollar online shopping corporation will never allow the sale of any fake product on its website and you can be sure that Amazon has strong restrictions against such practices in place. However, there have been incidents when the company inadvertently sold counterfeit health supplements to unwitting clients. Of course, this was not the intention of Amazon, but the workings of rogue sellers who manage to skirt around the company’s restrictions on fake products.

Producers of counterfeit products will often use a number of different company names to easily switch to another whenever Amazon catches on to their schemes. These rogue sellers use ingredients that are significantly cheaper than the real thing, but are enjoying the same rating as the genuine product. Amazon awards the same rating to what its system deems as identical products because as of this writing, it is still unable to distinguish between real and fake products.

There are many obvious dangers when you ingest fake supplements. If you’re lucky, you’ll just end up not getting the benefits from a fake pill with severely washed down and diluted ingredients. Worse you may end up falling ill because you are ingesting substances that the human digestive system is not designed to handle.

Does this mean that you should forget purchasing your health supplements from Amazon altogether? The answer is simply no. Amazon.com is still one of the best online sites where you can buy health supplements that are new and genuine.

Amazon’s Outstanding Relationships with Manufacturers

It is undeniable that a great number of manufacturers find it more convenient to sell via Amazon’s online shopping platform than their own websites for a number of reasons. Online shoppers, regardless of the risks of ending up buying counterfeit products, are still making a beeline for the Amazon website. What makes shopping via Amazon’s website even better is that manufacturers often allow it to conduct sales or offer discounts to promote the product and boost both the manufacturer’s and Amazon’s revenues.

The key to buying genuine health supplements on Amazon is to buy only from the actual accounts of the manufacturers themselves. Be careful and observant, especially when making sure that you are on the right manufacturer’s account. If some other seller is offering the same product at a much lower price, you are better off passing up on it or better yet, report the seller to Amazon.

What Else Can You Do?

As mentioned earlier, clicking on the links to Amazon in trusted review websites is one way of ensuring that you are buying the genuine product. This will be ideal since you’ll probably have read through an in-depth review about the health supplement and know what to expect from it. Of course, one of the safest routes to go when purchasing health supplements would be to buy directly from the website of the manufacturers themselves. You can also go the extra mile by logging off and driving to the nearest reputable brick-and-mortar health supplement store.

When buying health supplements on Amazon, remember to watch out for red flags such as extremely discounted products, overly curated reviews and the lack of seller contact information. To ensure that you are buying the real deal look for certifications, third-party testing and buy through the manufacturer’s own Amazon account.

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