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4 Ways to Support Loved Ones During Substance Abuse Recovery

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Substance abuse recovery help

Everyone faces hardships in life. While physical ailments, like cancer or diabetes, are looked at as valid and real struggles, there is an unfortunate stigma attached to the disease of addiction. When someone you know or love is struggling with substance abuse or lifestyle addiction, it can be incredibly difficult to navigate, reach out, and show support. There is a fine line between abandoning a person in need of help and being overbearing to the point of making the situation…

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Personal Training Certification in BC – How to Become a Certified Personal Trainer

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Personal Training Certification in BC

What is a Personal Trainer? A personal trainer is a physical fitness professional who has the requisite knowledge to design effective fitness programs that help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Aside from designing these programs, the trainer also has the skill and knowledge to help an individual follow the program and achieve their goals without causing bodily harm. The programs the trainer designs is not limited to physical exercise but can also (in most cases should) include dietary plans to…

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