Why a Dentist Visit is Just as Important as Exercise and Diet

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Everyone wants their body to be in the best condition, and our focus often turns to exercise and diet. We all want to be operating at our best health so we can have the most wonderful life possible. But, most people consider their dental care not as important as their body shape.

Dentist Visit is Just as Important as Exercise and Diet

Keeping your teeth healthy should be just as important as what food you ingest. Your oral health can completely change how healthy your entire body is, regardless of how much time you spend at the gym.

Not convinced? In this article we will discuss some key reasons why you value a dentist visit and make it a bi-annual part of being healthy.

First off, why do so many of us avoid the dentist?

Dental anxiety is a surprisingly common problem. Dental anxiety is the feeling of a sense of dread and anxiety just by thinking of dental work or entering a dentist office. Whether we should blame culture’s portrayal of dentists or just bad marketing is an opinion that differs from person to person. But there is no denying dentists have a bad rap they have to work against.

All that anxiety can lead to some serious dental hygiene avoidance. The great thing is most dentists are aware about this common problem, and do their best to calm patients’ anxieties. A good dentist might play relaxing music, or allow patients to use their own headphones while they work. Some even play Netflix in the background, allowing patients minds to wander and relax while they get their teeth checked out.

Another factor that makes some people hesitant to sit in a dentist chair is the cost. What many don’t know is that a good dentist will help you find a reasonably priced treatment, or help work with you to accept your insurance. In fact some of the best Calgary dentists work with patients to offer treatment plans suitable to their budget while sticking to their standards for high quality of care. If you budget for preventative work, the cost is not prohibitive and can save you tons of pain and money in the long run.

So now that we understand the two most common reasons why so many of us avoid the dentist, let’s discuss why it a dental visit can totally change your overall health:

Bad teeth can lead to a weak heart

Poor oral health can put a person at higher risk for heart disease. This issue might sound completely separate from dental hygiene at first, but it’s true. When gums are inflamed because of bacteria, like when people have unchecked periodontal disease, the bacteria that inflame their gums can seep into their bloodstream and wreak havoc.

Potentially, bacteria can cause a plaque build-up inside arteries. The plaque inside the arteries is a major cause of heart disease and heart attacks. All this build-up can lead to serious problems, like atherosclerosis. But it can be avoided if with good oral care from the help of a dentist!

Teeth make a big impression

Another reason to care about your teeth and your oral health, in general, is to make an impression on others. Your smile is one of the first things people see when they meet you. Yellow teeth, inflamed gums, and bad breath make big and bad impressions, unfortunately. But with the help of a medical professional, like a dentist or hygienist who can monitor your oral care, those problems can disappear.

Your mental health will receive a huge boost of natural confidence, a huge aspect of being truly healthy and well balanced. Dentists will have insight on how to best treat your dental issue. They can tell you if the problem is a sign of something deeper. Altogether they provide peace of mind, and help you feel your best too.

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