Drinking Water can Help You Lose Weight

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[column]There are more good news for you who want to lose weight. Now there is a new way to loose weight which is cheap, easily obtained, and has no side effects, which is by consuming water.

In the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Boston, researchers revealed that a research proves that drink two glasses of water before eating can remove excess fat.Nutrition expert from the University of Virginia Tech United States, Brenda Davy, concluded that adults who drank two glasses, each about 226 grams of water before eating, can reduce 75 to 90 calories in their consumption.
His research involved 48 people aged 55-75 years old, which is divided into two groups, which are those who[/column] drink two glasses of water before meals and  those whodo not. Low-calorie foods is given three times a day.

After 12 weeks, all participants managed to lose weight. But the group that drank plain water before eating can lose more, which is about 7 pounds. While the group who ate as usual only lost 4.9 pounds. ‘We need to drink more water, this is an easy way to manage weight loss, ” Davy said according to Science Daily.

According to Davy, filling stomach with water before meals can reduce hunger. “So we reduce the intake of calories,” he said. White water also reduces the human need for sweet drinks and soft drinks, which contain many calories. A can of 350 milli-liter-sized soda, he said, contain calories equivalent to 10 teaspoons of sugar.
Davy recommended intake of fluids, including water, which is required by women are nine glasses per day and 13 glass for men. But be careful because drinking too much water, although rare, can cause poisoning. [end_columns] Source: Science Daily

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