How to Deal with A Terminal Illness Diagnosis

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Let’s face it, dealing with a terminal illness diagnosis will never be an easy task and there’s not much you can do to mitigate the pain. However, there are a few steps that you can take to make the whole ordeal a bit more manageable for the person diagnosed and those around them.

There are a few emotional chapters you’ll need to close as well as some practical matters that you should get out of the way if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. Although this may seem like a dark path to embark on, it will do more good than bad. The last thing you want is to leave a bunch of loose strings and unclear wishes behind after you pass.

To help you get through this process, we’ve compiled a list of things that you should consider when dealing with a terminal illness.

Start Forgiving Those Around You 

Nobody should leave this Earth with regrets or grudges, therefore it’s important that you learn to forgive those around you, even if they are in the wrong. Forgiving others isn’t so much about excusing them for their actions, it’s about helping you release the hurt and anger that they caused you.

Build a Support Network

You’re only as strong as the people you have around you, so make sure to build a support network that you can lean on. Family and friends will always be the first point of contact, however, don’t be afraid to reach out to specific support groups for your type of illness. When you attend emotional support groups for a specific illness, like cancer, you feel in a safe space as they can relate to your experience.

Seek Out Legal Assistance

In some instances, a terminal illness diagnosis can be caused by the result of third-party negligence like the manufacturing issues of a corporate company. Let’s take the cpap recall lawsuit as an example. In 2009, the company Philips issued a recall for a series of ventilators that they found could cause cancer. Although a lawsuit may not help turn back time, it can help bring some financial relief. 

Plan a Funeral

Nobody likes to think about their funeral and what this may entail. However, ensuring there is a plan in place before you pass is one of the greatest gifts you can leave behind. Planning for a funeral can bring a lot of tension and trauma into the mix, so it’s best to leave a detailed plan behind.

Write Down a List of Goals

Whether you have physical, spiritual, or emotional goals, make sure to write them down on paper. This way you can have something to work towards and cross off as you undergo this experience. You may be restricted in your capability to conduct some of these activities; however, you never know until you try. Don’t push yourself but don’t doubt your potential either.

Ask to Be Treated the Same

Once you’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness you may find that some people may start to treat you differently. This isn’t necessarily coming from a bad place, just a place of confusion. However, if you feel uncomfortable with this, make sure to let your voice be heard. Let friends and family know that you wish to be treated the same in all aspects.

Start an Open Conversation

Part of the reason why people may be tiptoeing around the situation is that they are not sure how to address your illness. That’s why it’s always a good idea to start an open conversation and let others know your thoughts on the situation. Set your boundaries and let individuals know what you’re comfortable with. Everybody is different and there are no wrong answers.

Seize Every Last Day

Whether your illness is terminal or not, we recommend that you seize every day you have. Don’t forget to forgive, love, and live to the fullest during your time left. Sadly, all of us have our days numbered here on Earth. It just so happens that some of us are luckier than others. Whether you have three months to live or three years, it’s important to keep fighting.

Don’t let your diagnosis dictate how you must live out the rest of your life. Save your strength for enjoying what you have left in life. Save your strength to carry out conversations with loved ones. Save your strength to do the things you truly love in life.

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