6 New Dental Technologies Used by Dentists in Colorado

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Technology has changed and continues to change the healthcare industry for the better. Hence, when you think of the healthcare industry, it’s also essential not to forget that a part of this overall picture is the dental industry. So, when you think of taking care of your health, consider including your oral health as well. As small as this part of your body may be, it should never be neglected.

Thankfully, the dental industry isn’t falling far behind the latest technological advancements and discoveries today. Especially when you visit a top-rated dentist Colorado Springs area (if you’re from around there), you are guaranteed that the dentist is, in fact, up-to-date with these dental technologies. That way, you can also rest assured that your oral health is in good hands.

That said, here’s a list of some of these new dental technologies that excellent dentists are using:

1. Digital Dentistry and 3D Printing

Digital dentistry and 3D printing are also taking over the dental industry today. In previous times, photos of the teeth or x-rays were only limited to the 2D photographs. However currently 3D printing is possible. This makes for more accurate pictures and models of a patient’s tooth, thereby also improving the treatment methods that’ll be undertaken by the dentist.

Workplace dental technician: Production of dental crowns, Milling dental system with computer control

This 3D printing of the teeth are also made cost-effective, with so many more upgrades coming in by the day. Two of the dental treatments that seek to be best benefited by 3D printing are in the creation of crown and bridge treatments and surgical guides.

2. Air Abrasion System

Today, there are improved methods of removing tooth decay and cavities in a person’s tooth. This is made possible through the air abrasion system, whereby abrasive particles such as a stream of air, silicone and aluminum oxide are being used to remove the tooth decay. Previously, dental drills were used. However, due to its painful and intimidating experience, they had to be replaced. With the air abrasion system, patients now have access to a more comfortable treatment form.

That said, here are other matters that one should know about the air abrasion system in dental treatment:

  • It’s able to access difficult areas of the tooth, or mouth. This makes it a more suitable form of treatment for restoring old teeth.
  • It’s also effective in treating even the smallest cavities.
  • It helps to preserve a healthy tooth structure.
  • It takes away the need to use local anesthesia.

3. Superior Visualization Technologies

One of the inherent challenges of dentistry includes working on a tiny area. So, it’s expected to have quite some difficulty in accessing certain areas in the mouth. Years back, the dentists could only rely on their set of eyes. If their eyesight is poor, then the job becomes extra difficult for them.

Today, the presence of superior visualization technologies have enabled dentists to have the best level of magnification for the desired procedure. Hence, the chances of creating mistakes are also lower, as now their vision is more precise.

4. Composite Materials Are Now In Use

Another one of the advantages that technology has brought about in the dental industry is that now, better materials are being used. These are referred to as composite materials. These materials are in use for veneers and other tooth restorations, and even for filling up holes due to cavities. This replaced mercury, which was not only displeasing to look at, but was also found to be unsafe.

Now, with the composite resin materials, solutions for tooth problems are visually appealing, as they’re also currently able to replicate in totality how a tooth looks like.

5. Better Digital Impressions

Dental impressions are also now better, together with digital and 3D printing or imagery in the dental industry. This technology makes the scanning of the teeth and the gums easier, faster, and also more comfortable. With this upgrade in technology and the high precision of digital impressions, dentists are also able to make better professional decisions.

6. Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are now available in the clinic of some of the best and top-rated dentists. These play a fundamental role in diagnosing many dental conditions, using an electronic digital sensor that’s also attached to a computer. The image is then projected on a screen.

Young woman patient standing in x-ray machine. Panoramic radiography

This innovative technology plays a crucial role in making the entire procedure of undergoing an X-ray safer. Not only is the procedure faster, but there’s also less radiation being used. Furthermore, it can also detect areas of concern in your teeth that once weren’t reachable with traditional X-ray forms.


Traditional dental problems now have solutions that are more advanced than ever. Even more so, oral health issues that once were considered difficult to treat are also now easier to manage and treat. All these are made possible, thanks to the advancements in technology that are currently in place. When you’re working with an excellent dentist, you know that these are now at your disposal.

About the Author: Paolo Stevens

Paolo Stevens is a dentist who loves to write a lot of articles about oral health. Most of Paolo’s articles talk about the importance of oral hygiene, how parents can encourage their kids to visit their dentist, and the most common dental problems that no one should ignore.

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