Oral Medication for Erectile Dysfunction

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You have probably heard about Viagra and how it helps penile erection. But did you know it is not the only oral medication you can take for ED? Erectile dysfunction (ED) plagues many men, and more than a handful are not ready to visit a hospital or doctor for proper treatment. It is usually easier to take over-the-counter medication as medication. However, are you taking the right one for your ED?

Oral drugs are usually the first treatment course when you discover you have ED, and it works for the most part. These pills boost the effect of nitric oxide in your body. It is a naturally-produced chemical in a male body, and it relaxes the penile muscles. In simple terms, oral medications reverse ED by affecting the performance of nitric oxide.

Bear in mind that though these medications have the same goal, they slightly differ in how they work. Their chemical makeup is not the same; each has a unique makeup. As a result, they deliver different results and have different response times and side effects.

Differences in Oral Medications for ED

Before choosing a medication for ED, it is best to speak with your doctor. They are in the best position to determine which will work for you based on any pre-existing medical conditions, drugs, and the chemical makeup of the drugs. It will also depend on the type of ED you have.

●     Sildenafil

This medication is the same as Viagra and is the most popular ED drug. It works best if you take it before eating anything and an hour before having sex. That way, it will boost erection for up to five hours or more, especially if you suffer from mild or moderate ED. If you are on other medications, let your doctor know before taking this one.

●     Avanafil

Also known as Stendra, it works best if you take it thirty minutes before having sex. Take it with food or on an empty stomach, but it will depend on the recommended dosage. This medication lasts for up to six hours.

●     Tadalafil

This is Cialis, and you can take it without or with food an hour or two before having sex. There is the option of taking a small dose of the medication every day or larger doses according to specific needs. It lasts for up to thirty-six hours.

Note: Tadalafil does not go well with medical conditions like liver disease, heart problems, high or low blood pressure, and stroke.

●     Vardenafil

It is known as Staxyn or Levitra and works on empty and full stomachs. Note that foods high in fats may make drug absorption difficult, so you may want to avoid such meals if you choose Vardenafil. It is also effective on mild to moderate ED and lasts up to five hours, or even more depending on your absorption. There is a newer form of Vardenafil; it melts on your tongue. So, absorption is quicker with this type than the one you swallow.

●     Apomorphine

APOKYN (apomorphine hydrochloride injection) is indicated for the acute, intermittent treatment of hypomobility, “off” episodes (“end-of-dose wearing off” and unpredictable “on/off” episodes) in patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease. Recently, studies have found efficacious and safe methods of using this medication for erectile enhancement. Apomorphine SL (Ixense, Uprima) is a new oral medication shown to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It goes to the part of the brain that controls sexual function and stimulates its dopamine receptor sites, and becomes effective thirty minutes after taking it. Sublingual tablets of apomorphine are available for absorption underneath the tongue. You could check right here to learn more about Apomorphine and other medications and how they help ED.

Oral Medication for ED – Side Effects

Several side effects may manifest when you take oral medications for erectile dysfunction. While people who take these medications do not care much that there are side effects, it is best to know them so that you can recognize them if they occur.

They include:

  • Backpain
  • Flushing
  • Stuffy nose
  • Headache
  • Visual changes
  • Indigestion

In severe cases, though rare, you may see side effects such as:

  • A prolonged erection, which is also called priapism. It can be painful and may require medical attention. Typically, an erection should wear off after about 45 minutes. So, if it lasts up to four hours or longer, see a doctor to prevent injury to your penile area.
  • Loss of vision or hearing. Research has not shown whether taking these medications caused this problem or is a contraindication with other drugs due to pre-existing medical conditions. But if you experience a sudden loss of vision or hearing while on an ED medication, visit a doctor as quickly as possible.

How Safe Are the Medications?

The above-mentioned oral medications for ED are relatively safe and quite effective but it depends on your condition and the right diagnosis by a qualified doctor. There are a few cases where you may find that they are not exactly safe, and your doctor will inform you if you consult them before starting the medications.

If you have kidney disease and have to take dialysis, these oral drugs may be dangerous for your health. And if you take nitrate drugs for angina or chest pain, let your doctor know before taking any ED drug. The same applies if you are hypertensive, hypotensive, or have end-stage liver disease.

Be Aware

The following are ways to buy the right oral medications for ED, especially if you are buying online. Scams abound because treating ED is big business.

  • Never go for herbal drugs. Most, if not all, of them are harmful. Even when they are not dangerous, they hardly ever deliver any results and are just the seller’s way of making money.
  • Get a prescription from your doctor and buy according to it. Also, take the medication following the prescribed doses.
  • If you are buying from an online drug store, ensure it is legitimate. Research and ask questions about it before purchasing any medication.


Human health is fragile, and while you may not know it, taking the wrong medication for erectile dysfunction can have a long-term negative effects. Therefore, speak with your doctor before starting the medication. It is best to have them prescribe oral medication for erectile dysfunction.

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